New Students 30.10.2017

Welcome to our new students at Lexis Sunshine Coast today.
Lovely to meet you all, have a wonderful first day! 30.10Carlos if from Bauru, Brazil where he works in Currency Exchange. He is studying English because it is really important in his job that he is able to speak & write in English. He chose to come to Australia because his Sister & Brother-in-law live here and have always told him it is the best country in the world.

Eveline is from Bern, Switzerland where she works as a Hairdresser. She decided to come to Australia for the ocean, the sun & the people.

Lion is from Schaffhausen, Switzerland where he works as a Architect. He is in Australia studying English because he has always wanted to come to enjoy the warm weather and he has had many friends tell him to come here!


Graduating Students 27.10.2017

Congratulations & good luck to our graduating students today.
It was a pleasure having all of you here with us at Lexis Sunshine Coast 🌞IMG_5417IMG_5418
Miley is graduating from Christy’s IELTS Class. She has done really well during her time in IELTS. Thank you for all your contributions to the class, best wishes Miley!IMG_5334Stefanie is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. She has been a great member of class and she always worked hard and completed set tasks. All the best for your future Stefanie!

Andre is also graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. He has been a pleasure to teach and a really popular member of the class. He has made excellent progress and should feel confident in managing most everyday situations. We wish you all the best for the future Andre!IMG_5420IMG_5421Kate is graduating from Hayley’s Intermediate Class. She has achieved fantastic results and made excellent progress. She is a motivated and  enthusiastic student who always applied herself to her studies. You were a pleasure to have here Keito, all the best!IMG_5419Peter is graduating from Emily & Kate’s Elementary Class. He is now able to express himself clearly and communicate well verbally. Keep working hard Peter and good luck for the future!



Sunset Cruise

What a beautiful way to spend our Thursday afternoon on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast! An awesome boat cruise through the Mooloolaba Canals to watch the sunset & enjoy some pizza, drinks & each other’s company!

Smiles all round, thanks for a great afternoon everyone 🌅

HSP: What Have We Been Up To?

During the last few weeks there have been a lot of changes. We have said goodbye to 2 of our students, Hui and Leo, who had been with us for a very long time; we said goodbye again to one of our star students, Miu; we have said hello to a new student (Sammy, from Vietnam) and we have said Happy Birthday to a beloved young lady, Annie! I have recently taken a few weeks break and am now back with a renewed energy and fresh ideas! I would like to thank teachers, Annie and Kate, for looking after the flock while I was gone!


It was an end of an era as we said goodbye two of our longest running students, Hui (China) and Leo (Thailand). It was quite a celebration yet a very sad time to see these boys leave the family. We’re so happy that they have graduated and settled into their high school studies. All the best boys!

Farewell Hui and Leo


Although she has been with our class for a few weeks now, she joined us only days before I went on leave. So, allow me to officially introduce to you the lovely Sammy, from Vietnam!

Welcome Sammy!



It was with great sadness that we said goodbye to Miu, from Maccau. It has been a wonderful 8 weeks with Miu, who was a valuable part of our HSP family. I hope you enjoyed your time in High School Preparation, and I wish you all the very best in your future high school journey and beyond!

Farewell Miu!



What’s this? Pancakes … in English class?? YES! That’s what learning English is all about! During a rare rainy day on the Sunshine Coast, our students were lucky enough to take to the hotplate and cook up a storm! Under Kate’s instruction, our students went shopping for ingredients and cooked up some absolutely yummy looking pancakes. How good do they look?! I wish I was there to enjoy that feast!


What better way to learn about the science (and the vocabulary that goes with it) than to fly your own plane … well, paper plane that is!


The Friday afternoon sport was once again basketball, while the girls improved their frisbee throwing skills!


With Annie’s 16th birthday over the weekend, we wanted to celebrate her sweet 16th together. Annie provided the cake (a BIG thanks to her host family for that!), which was SO big we couldn’t even finish it! What a delicious cake it was! Congratulations Annie! It’s truly wonderful having you in this class and I wish you a very happy year.


So, in just a few shorts weeks there have been so many changes. It’s exciting to see what the future holds for these amazing students and for the HSP class. Remember to stay tuned for more of the latest news from the HSP class. We look forward to sharing our awesome adventures with you next time.

Until next time …

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)