HSP: Sad AND Happy Times

Well, there have been good times and sad times. We recently said a very sad goodbye to 3 more of our students – Jazmin (Hungary), Natsumi (Japan) and Rinka (Japan). While we are sad to see them go, we had a great time in the short time they were here. Unfortunately, Jazmin was unable to come on her last day, however, she did pop in very briefly to say goodbye. It was lovely to see her one last time, but we miss her greatly!

Let’s take a look as we said farewell to the other girls …


A 'healthier' farewell!
A ‘healthier’ farewell!

A little class party for the girls that have become such a special part of the HSP class. Then a quick run around at the park while Natsumi went stand-up paddle boarding … lucky girl!

This is the last we saw of Natsumi!

Farewell lovely Rinka and Natsumi!!
Farewell to the lovely Rinka and Natsumi!!

We wish these lovely girls all the best in their futures. Farewell girls and good luck!


Not long after we said goodbye, we were excited to welcome TEN new students! 7 from China, 1 from Macau, 1 from Korea and 1 from Vietnam. They have been settling in very quickly and developing some close friends already. We’re so excited to get to know these students a lot more throughout the course. Welcome to the new students, we hope you enjoy living in Australia and learning English with Lexis, Sunshine Coast!

The Newbies!
Our new HSP class for 2017-2018!


It was a special day for students at Lexis, including the HSPers, last Friday. After the general English classes finished their semester, it was party time … international style! Students from all classes (some from our class also), cooked and provided food from their counties for all to try. Our students loved it so much! Let’s take a look …

And how did our students enjoy it …

Yum yum … !!

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a sneak peek at our new class. As always, stay tuned for more fun and excitement from our HSP class here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Until next time …

Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)


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