Graduating Students 29.09.2017

Congratulations & all the best to our graduating students! Thank you for being a part of the #lexisfamily you will all be missed!

IMG_3796Sylvia is graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class. She has made good progress in the short time she has been here with us. She has been a diligent student and made valuable contributions to all classroom activities and discussions. All the best Sylvia!

Donese is also graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class. She has produced some good results in the short time she has been with us at Lexis. She completed all set tasks and worked very hard. Well done & good luck Donese!

IMG_3797IMG_3798IMG_3799Hui is graduating from Owen’s High School Preparation Class. He has been a very big part of the class and it will be sad to say goodbye. Keep working hard at High School, stay positive & have fun! All the best Hui!

Leo is also graduating from Owen’s High School Preparation Class. Again it is truly sad to say goodbye to Leo. He has been a great student and worked very hard. We wish you all the very best at High School, take care Leo!

IMG_3800IMG_3801Ryotaro is graduating from Meilee’s Pre-Intermediate Class. He was a joy to have in the classroom. He always had a great attitiude and participated well with others & had an excellent work ethic. Good luck & all the best Ryotaro!

Luca is also graduating from MeiLee’s Pre-Intermedaite Class. He has been a wonderful student and his understanding of Pre-Intermediate grammar was excellent. Keep up the good work & good luck Luca!


New Students 25.09.2017

A big Lexis welcome to these smiley faces!
We hope you have a wonderful day & enjoy your time with us on the beautiful Sunshine Coast ☀️ 25.09Mauro is from Madrid, Spain where he worked as a Refrigeration & Electric Technician. He is studying English because he believes it is very important for business & travel. He chose Australia because people he knows have recommended it and he likes to find new adventures/experiences and Australia is very beautiful & different from his country.

Monica is also from Madrid, Spain where she works as a Kindergarten and Primary School Teacher. She is studying English to get a better job in Spain because all schools are becoming bilingual. She chose to come to Australia because she had a friend here who helped them make a decision – everybody speaks very highly about “The Australian Life”.

Takeshi is from Tokyo, Japan where he is a Chef. He is here because he needs an IELTS score of 5.5 to go to TAFE. He chose Australia because he believes it is the best place for him to learn English.

Thi Thu Hoai is from Vietnam, where she is a High School Student. She is here to experience Australia’s education and improve her English to make it easier for her to communicate & study.

Trinidad is from Santiago, Chile where she was a High School Student. She is here because she wants to perfect her English and chose Australia because it is a beautiful country and she loves the beach.

Antonia is also from Santiago, Chile where she was a High School Student. She is here to improve her English & came here to Australia with her friend.

Elly is from Seoul, South Korea where she works at a Trading Company. She is here in Australia studying English because she believes there are good English programs here and the weather is nice.


HSP – A New Generation

By this stage, everyone has got to know each other and have already developed lasting friendships. They have even got to know some of the past HSPers as they have come in to visit, an they have certainly learned a lot about life in high school from them! Join us as we take a look at what has been going on lately in the HSP classroom and beyond …


We have had our fair share of class games and activities all aimed at teaching and practising a different skills and knowledge areas. Take a look at a few of the fun times we’ve had warming up to a lesson, engrossed in a game!

A BIG welcome to Sohee (pictured above) who joined us from South Korea last week. She has settled in very quickly and is a valuable part of our HSP family!


In this last week, we were very lucky to have a surprise visit from 3 of HSP’s past students who are currently enjoying their school holidays. Naturally, we brought them into the classroom and interrogated them (in a nice way) about their experiences in their Australian high schools. This interview lasted for quite a while as our current students were so eager to clean as much information from them as they could! A successful lesson which helped to open our students minds to their future in high school. A BIG thank you to Ed, Pris and Alice for taking the time to come in and talk to the new generation of students!

A Visit From Students Past


As part of our science unit, we got the chance to design, hypothesise and create several paper challenges where small groups were given a piece of paper and asked to complete a challenge. These challenges were to support the weight of a heavy dictionary, and to make a bridge between a gap in the tables that will support the weight of a bunch of coins. Well, we definitely have a bunch of ‘out of the box’ thinkers in the class! Here are the results …

All teams did very well … although, I think they may have moved their desks closer together when I wasn’t looking!

Now for the 2nd challenge – to hold up a heavy dictionary with a single sheet of paper …


With a new group of students comes a new lot of sporting activities for Friday afternoons! There’s nothing like letting off a bit of steam on a Friday, and the students have been having a great time.

A great game of soccer. Wow, what a game it was … those boys are quick! Meanwhile, the girls decided to chill out a bit with a game of handball and other (not so rough) games.

We have a lot lined up for the next several weeks, I can’t wait to share it with you all. Stay tuned for our next update from HSP, Sunshine Coast!

Until next time …

Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

Graduating Students 22.09.2017

Congratulations to our wonderful students graduating from Lexis Sunshine Coast today. It has been such a joy having all of you here. 🎉IMG_3640IMG_3643Rafael is graduating from Ellie’s Advanced Class. He has achieved very high in all skills and his writing, speaking & grammar are particularly impressive and reflect the great effort he has made with his studies. We wish you all the best Rafael!IMG_3641Tetsuya is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. He has been a popular member of class and worked well in pair & group work. He has made really good progress and has excellent writing and reading skills. We wish you all the best for your future Tetsuya!IMG_3642IMG_3644 Rittibert (Pete) is graduating from Dylan & MeiLee’s Pre-Intermediate Class. He has been a wonderful student. He always participated in class discussions and his conversation skills & vocabulary have improved every day. Good luck in your future Pete!

Graduating Students 15.09.2017

Congratulations to all our incredible students graduating from Lexis Sunshine Coast today. We will miss you all! 💙💙💙IMG_3481IMG_3480Max is graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class. He settled into the class really well and over the few weeks he has been at Lexis has grown in confidence and now has a solid understanding of the basic structures. All the best for your future Max!IMG_3482IMG_3471Luan is graduating from Christy’s IELTS Class. He is not finished with Lexis yet though, Luan will return to study in our Business Course. See you around Luan!IMG_3479IMG_3473Davide is graduating from Ellie’s Advanced Class. He has achieved excellent results and has shown he is very confident at this level. His hard work & enthusiasm will be missed in the class. All the best to you Davide!

IMG_3478Tudsaon is graduating from Hayley’s Intermediate Class. She has made excellent progress with her English and interacted well with other classmates. We wish you the very best for your future Tudsaon!