New Students 14.08.2017

Welcome to our new students joining the #lexisfamily today.
We hope you enjoy your studies with us here at Lexis Sunshine Coast. ✨


Luke is from South Korea, but has been living in Australia for two years. Back in South Korea he worked for a trading company for over 10 years. He wants to live in Australia with his family because he wants to change his job and because he wants his daughter to have more opportunities.

Samira & Stephanie are from Switzerland where they both just finished their Nursing Apprenticeships and started working in a hospital. They are here because they wanted to refresh their English skills and wanted to explore a new part of the world.

Juan David is from Mocoa, Colombia where he works as a Pharmacist. He is here studying English as he wants to achieve his goals at University and also as a professional.

Sabrina is from São Paulo, Brazil where she was a an Administrative Assistant in the Human Resources Department. She was also studying Public Relations at University. She is here as she wants to improve her level and get fluency to find a good job in Public Relations when she goes back to Brazil and she chose Australia because it is a beautiful country, with beautiful beaches and nice people.



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