HSP: Teaming Up with Japanese Students

Well, this week was certainly an exciting one for us. As a new batch of Japanese students came in, we were able to join them in activities throughout the week, which was a heap of fun for everyone! This week we also looked at some basic mapping and map coordinates and we focused on the Persuasive writing style, building up to having a debate in the near future. Let’s take a look at the action this week …


Our students teamed up with the Japanese students for a good game of soccer (for the girls) and basketball (for the boys). They all had heaps of fun getting to know each other and playing some social team sports. Here we all are in action …

It was ‘team Adidas’ versus the rest! We’re not sure who won in the end but all we know is we had heaps of fun! The game was followed by some volleyball fun, just to warm down.

Meanwhile, the boys were playing a slightly more serious game of basketball.

What a great day for everyone!



This week we started delving into persuasive writing. Students have been learning how to use strong language in their writing to persuade readers. Our students wrote some strong arguments about which is better – white chocolate or milk chocolate! Which do you think is better? Leave your comments below.

Our students will continue to practise making strong arguments for various topics to get ready for a debate next week. That should be a lot of fun and a great experience for them all.


This week was very special indeed. With the Japanese study tour visiting, we were lucky enough to join them again on yet another sporting adventure! This time it was the usual basketball, with the addition of handball (poplar in Australian schools) and Boules. We all had a great time! Lets take a look at the action of the day beginning with some basketball games with the girls …

The boys, again, played a little more seriously!

The girls then tried their hand at handball for the first time. Many of them picked it up quite quickly and were dominating the game!

They then moved on to a very entertaining game of Boules …

We had such a fantastic week with the Japanese students, whom we have come to know very well. Sadly, they will be leaving us next week, so stay tuned to see more exciting pics from their farewell party. We look forward to the party but it will be truly sad to say goodbye. I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at our exciting week!

Until next time …

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

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