Welcome to all of our new students joining our Lexis Sunshine Coast family today!
To help you get to now them a bit better, here is a little bit about them…


Stella is from Iksan, South Korea where she is a High School Student. She has come here to learn English as she believes there are more opportunities in Australia & her cousin lives here.

Benito is from La Carolina, Spain where he is a Student studying the Science of Sport. He is here as he wants to learn English for his job and he chose Australia because he has family here.

Yuji is from Gifu Prefecture, Japan where he is a Student majoring in English. He is here to learn because he likes English and would like to communicate with a lot of people. He chose to come to Australia to study because he is interested in the Australian culture.

Ayumi is from Japan where she works as a Nurse. She is here because she really wants to know about other cultures and other countries and chose Australia because she likes nature & animals.

Sung Joon is from Guri-Si, South Korea where he is a Computer Programmer. He is here with his Wife & child while he studies in University.

Arnaud is from Nouméa, New Caledonia where he graduated 6 months ago from studying Information Technology. he is studying English because he would like to go to University here to improve his skills on IT. He chose Australia because it is not too far away from New Caledonia so if he wants to visit his family he can. 

Laura is from Zurich, Switzerland where she worked as a Travel Agency, but after her studies in Australia she will go back to school in Switzerland again. She is here because she loves to meet people from different countries with different cultures, therefore she believes it is really important to know English. She chose Australia because her Uncle lives here.

Luckcanas is from Bangkok, Thailand where she teaches the Piano. She is here to study English as she would like to be able to understand her music a bit better, she also wants English for travelling.

We also have twelve students joining us for two weeks from Hatsushiba Hashimoto High School!


We hope you all enjoy your studies at Lexis English and your stay on the Sunshine Coast!



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