HSP: Group photo

HSP: Life Moves On!

After an exciting and sad week of saying goodbye to our Chinese, Thai and Japanese students, we continue on with our preparations for high school. This week we welcomed Eric (from China), who will stay with us for a month and then head back home. Welcome Eric, I hope you enjoy your stay here on the Sunshine Coast!

In our lessons this week, we went back to basics and perfected our sentence structure with fun tips on how to make a simple sentence longer, linking words and adding a creative twist. We also had a lot of fun learning tips on describing people, places and photos. Finally, we took a look at mapping and directions as part of our Geography studies. Let’s take a look at this week’s action.


This week we focused on extending sentences and adding a lot more vital information. Our students broke down the structure of a sentence and, using some creative techniques, constructed some pretty amazing, creative and even comical sentences.



Students then had a go at describing photos, including people and places, in great detail. This tested them out and brought their writing skills right up to a whole new level.


As an introduction into mapping and directions, students were asked to guide each other around a maze of desks and chairs blindfolded … well, holding their eyes closed! Let me advise you that our classroom doesn’t usually look this chaotic!




This week we had several visits from past students, and let me tell you how proud I was to see them graduated and in their school uniforms! Great to see you again Caesar, Ed and David!


Good to see ya again boys!


As usual, we ended the week with a nice and easy game of basketball in the park! We also had a surprise guest and recent graduate, Francis!



HSP: Sport
A visit from a past student

I hope you can join us again next time as we continue to prepare for high school in new and exciting ways!

Until next time …

– Owen (teacher of H.S.P.)



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