Graduating Students 21/07/2017

Another Friday means another day of goodbyes…
Congratulations to these wonderful students who are graduating today.
You will all be very missed, good luck!!

Jay is graduating from Christy’s Focus First Class. He has been with us at Lexis for a long and will be incredibly missed by his classmates & the staff. Lucky for us he isn’t leaving for good and will be returning to Lexis to study a Certificate 3 in Business. Good luck Jay!!


Flower & Alex are graduating from Ellie’s Pre-Intermediate Class.
Flower was always an enthusiastic, happy student and has improved a lot. All the best in your future Flower!
Alex has worked really hard and should be very proud of himself.  He is taking a short break, and hoping to come back and continue his studies here at Lexis. See you soon Alex!

Tomoyo is graduating from Peter’s Upper-Intermediate Class. She should now feel confident in most everyday situations as her speaking is excellent! She has been a pleasure to have in the classroom and a very popular member of class. Best of luck in the future Tomoyo!

(No photo’s for the following students)

Giwoong is graduating from Dave’s Sunset Academic Class. He has done very well and improved greatly during his time at Lexis. He has put in a lot of hardwork and should be very proud. Best of luck Giwoong!

Sujung is graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class. She has put a lot of effort into improving her English skills and she knows has quite a good understanding of the IELTS test and the strategies needed to perform well. Good luck Sujung!


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