Welcome to Our New Students!


We hope you enjoy your studies with us at Lexis Sunshine Coast… how could you not when this is your view!! 😊💛

Now here is a little bit about our new students…

Kristen is from Busan, South Korea where she used to work in a Duty Free Department Store.  She chose to come to Australia because she loves the weather & the people here. She also loves to learn foreign languages to continue to have more experiences in the world. She believes that Sunshine Coast is the best place to live & enjoy life.

Amanda is from Porto Alegre, Brazil where she works as an Auditor. She is here to study English because it is important for her job and chose Australia as she has a friend living here.

Ji Hyeong is from Soul, South Korea where he is a Student. He loves Australia and is planning on living here indefinitely so will continue to study and improve his English.

Eric is from Liuzhou Guangxi, China where he  is a Student at School. He is here as his English is not good and he loves Australia, so he chose to come here to study!

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