HSP: Farewell

HSP: A Very Special Farewell

Well … what a week! SEVEN students have now left us all in one go. We all said a very special goodbye last week to Caesar, David, Dylan, Francis, Peishen (from China), Ed (from Thailand) and Maiko (from Japan). It was a huge loss for us at HSP so naturally, we had a huge send off for them!


As the students looked forward to the final farewell party, Sharon (our manager) gave them a lovely surprise pizza party, which all of our students LOVED! A BIG thank you to Sharon!


Such mixed feelings from our students of happiness, sadness and anticipation of the next chapter in their studies here in Australia. I’ll let the photos do the talking …

I’m so proud of all of our graduating High School Preparation students here at the Sunshine Coast. It has been a long time coming and they have finally made it! I have no doubt they will have a ball at their high schools right here on the Sunshine Coast. We wish them all the very best and every success. Good luck boys … and girl!

HSP: Pizza Party
Look out Sunshine Coast high schools … here they come!

Until next time …

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

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