HSP: The Count down is On!

As we come to the end of the course for many of our HSPers, our focus on skills for high school is intensifying. This week we were joined by the lovely Jazmin from Hungary, who is stopping by in the afternoons to join our class. Welcome Jazmin!


We had our final class presentation as the students read out their amazing short stories. This week for our writing style, we focused on Fantasy and Science Fiction … and their stories were nothing short of weird and wonderful! Take a look at some the students in action in the new building.


After a long 3 week wait, our science experiment is finally ready for completion. Allow me to take you back. 3 weeks ago we began a scientific study on the nutritional quality and make-up of some hot potato chips (known to some as ‘fries’) from our local area. To do this we bought some chips from our local McDonalds, KFC and a Take Away shop from nearby. We put some of the chips from each shop in some glass bottles with air-tight lids, and let them sit for 3 weeks! Our observations concluded that the McDonalds chips broke down that fastest, showing large patches of mold. The KFC chips had small spots of mould, and the chips from the take away shop didn’t seem to change at all! Our students had an interesting time interpreting the results, but … I’ll let you make your own mind up about that one!


Another week finished again with a good session of basketball in the park. This time we were joined by some students from various other classes, which was a whole lot of fun! Some of the more serious athletes found some boys on the second court and joined them in a serious game. What a fun way to end the week! There’s nothing like a good game of basketball to bring out the competitive side of the students. I’m not sure what the result was, or if there even was one, but they all had a ball (excuse the pun)!

It was a physically tiring game …

HSP: Walking Back
Walking back after a big game.

… but a great time was had by all!

HHSP: Group Photo
Group photo of the players!

Keep watching for next time as we say goodbye to 7 of our cherished HSPers! It should be quite a big week. Stay tuned!

Until next time …

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

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