New Students 31.07.2017

What a gorgeous day to join the Lexis family!
It was so nice to meet you all & we hope you have an amazing time with us here at Lexis Sunshine Coast! 🇯🇵 🇧🇷 🇨🇳 🇦🇺

Natsumi is from Japan where she is a Student. She chose to come to Australia because she wanted to study at Lexis and because the ocean is so beautiful.

Rinka is from Hiroshima, Japan where she is a High School Student. She is here to learn English because she wants to be an Interpreter in the future and chose Australia because she has friends that live here.

Bruna is from São Paulo, Brazil where she works as a Nutritionist. She is here studying English as it helps to get better jobs where she lives and chose Australia as it was her dream to come here because it is so beautiful.

Tim is from Beijing, China where he is just about to start High School. He chose to come to Australia as he likes the sea and his Uncle & Aunt live here, he is wanting to learn English because he thinks it is very important for his future.

Graduating Students 28/07/2017

A big congratulations to our graduating students.
Thank you for being a part of the #lexisfamily we will miss you all!


Sangmin is graduating from Sheryl’s Intermediate Class. Sangmin is capable across all skill areas and has achieved good test results.  Keep up the good work, and best of Luck in your future!a6

Fatima is graduating from Peter’s Upper-Intermediate Class. She was always friendly and worked really well in the class. She has worked hard at improving her English and have attained an  excellent level. All the best Fatima!a2a1Amanda is graduating from Owen’s Pre-Intermediate Class. She has been a fantastic student and a wonderful part of the class. we wish you every success in your future Amanda.

Unfortunately we don’t have photo’s for the following students as they are busy in class!

Rosemberg is graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class. He has made good progress  in both general and academic English in the short time he has been in the IELTS class. We wish you the very best in your future Rosemberg!

Serena is graduating from Dave’s Sunset Academic Class. She made excellent progress in such short time. Her discipline and focus enabled her to improve greatly and express complex thoughts & opinions. Keep up the great work Serena, good luck!

Laura is also graduating from Dave’s Sunset Academic Class. Her English has improved so much over time. She has always been a happy & enthusiastic student and we hope to see you back at Lexis in the future. Best of luck Laura!


Welcome to all of our new students joining our Lexis Sunshine Coast family today!
To help you get to now them a bit better, here is a little bit about them…


Stella is from Iksan, South Korea where she is a High School Student. She has come here to learn English as she believes there are more opportunities in Australia & her cousin lives here.

Benito is from La Carolina, Spain where he is a Student studying the Science of Sport. He is here as he wants to learn English for his job and he chose Australia because he has family here.

Yuji is from Gifu Prefecture, Japan where he is a Student majoring in English. He is here to learn because he likes English and would like to communicate with a lot of people. He chose to come to Australia to study because he is interested in the Australian culture.

Ayumi is from Japan where she works as a Nurse. She is here because she really wants to know about other cultures and other countries and chose Australia because she likes nature & animals.

Sung Joon is from Guri-Si, South Korea where he is a Computer Programmer. He is here with his Wife & child while he studies in University.

Arnaud is from Nouméa, New Caledonia where he graduated 6 months ago from studying Information Technology. he is studying English because he would like to go to University here to improve his skills on IT. He chose Australia because it is not too far away from New Caledonia so if he wants to visit his family he can. 

Laura is from Zurich, Switzerland where she worked as a Travel Agency, but after her studies in Australia she will go back to school in Switzerland again. She is here because she loves to meet people from different countries with different cultures, therefore she believes it is really important to know English. She chose Australia because her Uncle lives here.

Luckcanas is from Bangkok, Thailand where she teaches the Piano. She is here to study English as she would like to be able to understand her music a bit better, she also wants English for travelling.

We also have twelve students joining us for two weeks from Hatsushiba Hashimoto High School!


We hope you all enjoy your studies at Lexis English and your stay on the Sunshine Coast!



HSP: Group photo

HSP: Life Moves On!

After an exciting and sad week of saying goodbye to our Chinese, Thai and Japanese students, we continue on with our preparations for high school. This week we welcomed Eric (from China), who will stay with us for a month and then head back home. Welcome Eric, I hope you enjoy your stay here on the Sunshine Coast!

In our lessons this week, we went back to basics and perfected our sentence structure with fun tips on how to make a simple sentence longer, linking words and adding a creative twist. We also had a lot of fun learning tips on describing people, places and photos. Finally, we took a look at mapping and directions as part of our Geography studies. Let’s take a look at this week’s action.


This week we focused on extending sentences and adding a lot more vital information. Our students broke down the structure of a sentence and, using some creative techniques, constructed some pretty amazing, creative and even comical sentences.



Students then had a go at describing photos, including people and places, in great detail. This tested them out and brought their writing skills right up to a whole new level.


As an introduction into mapping and directions, students were asked to guide each other around a maze of desks and chairs blindfolded … well, holding their eyes closed! Let me advise you that our classroom doesn’t usually look this chaotic!




This week we had several visits from past students, and let me tell you how proud I was to see them graduated and in their school uniforms! Great to see you again Caesar, Ed and David!


Good to see ya again boys!


As usual, we ended the week with a nice and easy game of basketball in the park! We also had a surprise guest and recent graduate, Francis!



HSP: Sport
A visit from a past student

I hope you can join us again next time as we continue to prepare for high school in new and exciting ways!

Until next time …

– Owen (teacher of H.S.P.)



Sushi Making

Today we spent the afternoon making sushi!
Q7Q10😍😍 How yummmy do they look! Q11

Thanks to our lovely Japanese students that taught us how to make sushi properly & thank you to everyone else that made it so fun!

Another great afternoon spent at Lexis Sunshine Coast 🙂

Graduating Students 21/07/2017

Another Friday means another day of goodbyes…
Congratulations to these wonderful students who are graduating today.
You will all be very missed, good luck!!

Jay is graduating from Christy’s Focus First Class. He has been with us at Lexis for a long and will be incredibly missed by his classmates & the staff. Lucky for us he isn’t leaving for good and will be returning to Lexis to study a Certificate 3 in Business. Good luck Jay!!


Flower & Alex are graduating from Ellie’s Pre-Intermediate Class.
Flower was always an enthusiastic, happy student and has improved a lot. All the best in your future Flower!
Alex has worked really hard and should be very proud of himself.  He is taking a short break, and hoping to come back and continue his studies here at Lexis. See you soon Alex!

Tomoyo is graduating from Peter’s Upper-Intermediate Class. She should now feel confident in most everyday situations as her speaking is excellent! She has been a pleasure to have in the classroom and a very popular member of class. Best of luck in the future Tomoyo!

(No photo’s for the following students)

Giwoong is graduating from Dave’s Sunset Academic Class. He has done very well and improved greatly during his time at Lexis. He has put in a lot of hardwork and should be very proud. Best of luck Giwoong!

Sujung is graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class. She has put a lot of effort into improving her English skills and she knows has quite a good understanding of the IELTS test and the strategies needed to perform well. Good luck Sujung!