New Campus and New Students!

Today is our first day in our brand new campus! We have moved across the road into a fantastic new space, with lots of room for our students and staff, brand new classrooms, beautiful facilities and amazing ocean views!
We are all loving being in our new space – we won’t be getting sick of this view anytime soon… wow!


We also welcomed five new students this morning – here are the friendly faces joining the Lexis family today 🙂

26.06 students

Davide is from Vicenza, Italy where he was a student in high school. He is studying English because it’s very important to allow him to get a job, and he chose Australia as he had never been here until now.

Zahra is from Ilam, Iran but lives in Australia. As she plans to go to University, she is hoping her English course at Lexis will help her prepare for it.

Bomi is from Korea where she was a film producer. She has chosen to study English in Australia as her job back home requires her to speak English.

Mojgan is from Tehran, Iran where she was a student and also completed a Diploma of Photography. She is living in Australia and wants to improve her English to have a successful life here and to also go to University.

Jungwook is from Korea where he lived and worked. He is here to improve his English.

It was so nice meeting you all this morning and we wish you all the best with your studies 🙂

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