Graduating Students 16/06/17

A big congratulations to these students who are all finishing their studies at Lexis Sunshine Coast today!

The following students are graduating from Christy’s Sunset PET Class…

christy16.06.17 christy

Francielle is from Brazil and always had great participation in class. She was comfortable speaking with lots of different people which helped her to develop her speaking skills. Best of luck to you in Sydney and beyond!

16.06. christy

Carlos is from Brazil and was a very active member of his class. He asks very intelligent questions, and showed very good speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. All the best for Sydney and beyond!

The following students are graduating from Steve’s Sunset IELTS Class…

16.06.17 steve

Chika is from Japan and has put a lot of effort into this course. She showed an excellent attitude towards class activities and work, and now has an understanding of IELTS strategies. Great work!

1606 steve

Charles is from France and has demonstrated a sound understanding of IELTS strategies. He can clearly explain a viewpoint on a range of topical issues and also showed an excellent attitude to his studies. Well done!

The following students are graduating from Ryan’s Pre-Intermediate Class…

14.06 ryan

Kaede is from Japan and and was a lot of fun in her class. She has become a lot more confident as she has improved since starting her studies, and has a very friendly attitude. Enjoy the rest of your time in Australia and good luck!

Ayako is also from Japan and was another friendly student in her class. She contributed a lot to class discussions, and has good speaking and pronunciation skills. Good luck in the future!

14.06 liz

Gyeongseo (Ally) is from Korea and is graduating from Liz’s Intermediate Class. She is a motivated and hard working student, with strong test results. She will be missed even though she was only with us for a short time. All the best for the future!

14.06 hayley

Joel is from Switzerland and is graduating from Hayley’s Intermediate Class. He has consistently achieved fantastic results and has made excellent progress in all areas. He is an enthusiastic and motivated student and worked well with other students. Well done and all the best for the future!

14.06 dylan

Wen-Chun is from Taiwan and is graduating from Dylan’s Pre-Intermediate Class. She was an important part of the class and had great enthusiasm. Her hard work has improved her English greatly. Enjoy your travels and well done!

We wish you all the very best for the future and we hope you all enjoyed your time here at Lexis Sunshine Coast as much as we loved having you! 🙂

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