Welcome to our New Students!

Today we welcome 6 new faces to our campus! We hope you all enjoy your time here at Lexis Sunshine Coast 🙂


Andre is from Curitiba, Brazil where he worked in the food industry. He is here to learn English and to do some travel.

Manita is from Thailand where she was a student at Naresaun University. Her parents decided that Australia would be a good place for her to learn English.

Edson is from Lima, Peru where he was a student studying Economics at University. He has chosen to learn English in Australia as the quality of life is better than in Peru.

Mio is from Japan and she wants to travel the world. She has come to Australia to learn English because it is peaceful, the people are kind and it has beautiful views.

Honami is from Hokkaido, Japan where she was a physical therapist. She has come to Australia as she has never been to another country and she wants to have a new experience. Australia is a comfortable place.

Bartlomiej is from Chlopowo, Poland where he owns his own business as a physical therapist. He is also a lifeguard able to work at pools, inland waters and the sea. He is here to learn English to get a better job in his country and to get a contract for his business. He chose Australia because it is a beautiful place and it’s the best time for him to start the journey of a lifetime.

We wish you all the best with your studies/travels while you are here on the Sunshine Coast! 🙂

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