Finishing Students 09/06/17

Today we say goodbye to another group of our lovely students at Lexis Sunshine Coast!

The following students are graduating from Dave’s Sunset PET Class…

dave 09.06

Angela is from Spain and showed impressive dedication to improve her speaking each class. She has strong listening and speaking skills and with practise will become a very good English communicator. Well done and good luck!

Sara is also from Spain and her English has become very strong since her first day in Dave’s class. She has very good (and creative) writing skills, good listening skills and is a strong reader. With practise her English will get to a level where it will open any door she wants. Great work and good luck!

dylan 09.06

Nicole is from Switzerland and is graduating from Dylan’s Pre-Intermediate Class. She always shows willingness to learn and participate in class activities. She was always present and engaged, and was a pleasure to have in Dylan’s class. All the best for the future!

ryan 09.06

Ina Lucia is from Brazil and is graduating from Ryan’s Pre-Intermediate Class. She is a confident and proactive speaker with great listening comprehension and excellent writing skills. Best wishes!

sheryl 09.06

Tomoyuki is from Japan and is graduating from Sheryl’s Pre-Intermediate Class. He is a highly motivated and capable student and has achieved excellent test results. He helps and encourages other students and contributes original ideas to class discussions. Well done!

It was a pleasure having you all at Lexis Sunshine Coast and we wish you all the very best for the future! 🙂

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