HSP: Sports Coaching

Greetings From HSP!

As the semester rolls on, we have had our heads down working hard to prepare the students for a big change in lifestyle … high school! We have been doing some serious learning, gaining some serious skills and having some serious fun! We have sadly lost a couple of wonderful fellow students and lifelong friends along the way, and we wish them all the very best as they bury their heads in their books is high school … good luck girls!


This week the students have been learning the ins and outs of a Process, and using it for sports coaching and writing a traditional recipe from their own country. In sports coaching, the students got a taste of being the teacher for a short time while they developed a process to teach a sporting action to the class. We headed out to the park with our set of instructions and any equipment needed, and got to work teaching our skills …


The students were also busy preparing a recipe (another common use for a process) of a traditional dish from their countries. They have been working very hard to produce some outstanding recipes which will eventually be made into our very own recipe book. Hopefully this book will keep growing as we continue to welcome more students to HSP.

HSP: Process of cooking


Of course, what week would be complete without a Friday afternoon sport session. This week, it was basketball in the park. The boys got to show off their moves in a high paced (and slightly competitive) game …

Join us in the next few weeks as we explore nutrition and the effects of an unhealthy diet, and of course, how to make healthier choices.

Until next time …

– Owen (Teacher of HSP)

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