Finishing Students 19/05/20117

Yay🎉 Congratulations to our students that are graduating today.
It’s been a pleasure getting to know you all, good luck! đź’›IMG_9380

Camilo is from Brazil and is graduating out of Peter’s Upper-Intermediate Class. He is a quick leaner and was able to produce the vocabulary and grammar taught  in the class with ease. He has attained an excellent level of English and was a popular member of class. All the best Camilo!IMG_9385Kelly is from Korea and is graduating out of Dylan & Nerissa’s Pre-Intermediate Class. Kelly has been a pleasure to have in class, she is a hardworking student with a great sense of humour. She has always tried hard to participate and include other students. We wish you the best of luck with your future studies and plans!IMG_9361Pauline is from Switzerland and is graduating out of Hayley’s Intermediate Class. She has consistently achieved great results and always interacted well with other students. Pauline is off to Bali for a holiday and will return to Lexis to study in our Cambridge FCE Class. See you in September Pauline!IMG_9358Kumiko is from Japan and is graduating from Melissa’s Elementary Class. We are sad that her leave, however we are happy that she is moving onto new adventures. She has been a very hard working student and have always had a positive attitude. All the best Kumiko!
Sandra is from Colombia and is graduating from Melissa’s Elementary Class. She was a lovely member to have in class, and always made the class laugh at her jokes and was always happy to help classmates. Sandra is taking a break and will return to begin a new course at the end of June. Take care and we will see you soon!IMG_9382Anchalee is from Thailand and is graduating from Sonia’s Elementary Class. She is a hardworking student and her skills are improving very quickly. She has been a great help to her classmates. She will return to Thailand for a while and when she comes back to Australia she will begin Lexis again. All the best & we will see you soon!


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