Starters 08/05/2017

Welcome to these lovely ladies joining us on the Sunshine Coast! So nice to meet you all and we hope you have an amazing experience at Lexis English ✨


Sarah is from Sorenberg – Lucerne, Switzlerand where she was a student, when she returns she will start studying to become a teacher. She wants to imrpove her English skills and be prepared for the school she will begin when she returns home. She has never been to Australia before, but it was always a dream to come here because her Mum has been here and told her great stories about Australia 🙂

Cindy is from Flums, Switerland where she works as an Apprentice Constuctor. Shee is here to study English as she needs it for her job and for travelling when she finishes school!

Juliana is from Jundiaí – São Paulo, Brazil where she is a Journalist. She is studying English as she needs it for her work and chose Australia because she loves this country and has friends here 🙂

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