Welcome to these smiley faces joining our Lexis Sunshine Coast family today!
So lovely meeting you all this morning, we hope you had a wonderful first day!! ✨


Bjorn is from Kerns, Switzerland where he is a Metalworker. He is here because he wants to improve his English and Australia is a beautiful country. He has also always wanted to learn how to surf!

Flower is from Ubon Ratchthanee, Thailand where she is a student. She is here in Australia as her mother is also here. She believes that English is the official language of the world and being able to speak it will increase her chances of getting a good job and earning more money.

Luis is from Manizales, Colombia where is an Electronic Engineer. He wants to learn English because it is a requirement for his job and chose Australia because it is a safe place and the people are helpful.

Detchaphon is from Thailand where he is a student! 🙂

Giwoong is from Chang Won, South Korea where he was a Baker. He is here because he wants to learn English and then study Cooking. He is also excited for the good experiences that will come from it.

Renata is from Brazil where she worked as a Therapist. She is wanting to study English because it is the easiest language to communicate with people around the world and Australia is a beautiful country that she has always been curious to see.

Kai is from Chiba Prefecture, Japan. He is studying English back in Japan and has come here to study because his friend had recommended it.

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