New Students

Our Lexis family continues to grow! We hope you have an amazing time at Lexis & on the the Sunshine Coast ✨29.05

Esteban is from Medellin, Colombia where he worked in Business Administration. He is here to improve his English Skills and meet people from all over the world.

Mio is from Sendai, Japan where she was a High School Student. She chose to come and study English because she wants to become a Flight Attendant, so English will be necessary for her.

Nanako is from Kyoto, Japan where she was a Flight Attendant. She would like to improve her English learning and speaking Skills in Australia because she likes the country, the people and the weather.

Shan Shan is from China where she was a Chinese Speaking Teacher. She’s studying with Lexis so that she can pass the IELTS Test while she holidays in Australia for a month.

Maria Missi is from Brazil where she is a Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist but has worked for 20 years in Financial Administration. She is here to learn English because it is necessary for her profession and for her travels. She chose to come to Australia because she loves the country and has friends that live here.

Sayari is from Kobe, Japan where she works as a Receptionist in a shopping center. She chose to come to Australia to learn English because she has visited once before and liked it, and needs to improve her English for work.

Ryota is from Kyoto, Japan where he is a student. He has come to Australia to study English because the people are very kind.

Graduating Students 26/05/2017

A big congratulations to all our graduating student at Lexis Sunshine Coast. It has been wonderful getting to know you all, and we will miss you! All the best βœ¨πŸŽ‰


Luan is from Brazil and is also graduating out of Hayley’s Intermediate Class. He has made fantastic progress in all areas. He is a friendly, motivated and happy student in class. We wish you the very best in the future Luan!

Daniela is from Brazil and is graduating out of Hayley’s Intermediate Class. She has always achieved fantastic results, has made excellent progress in all areas and her hard-work has paid off. She has been an absolute pleasure to have in class and we wish you all the best for the future Daniela!

IMG_9864Rahel is from Switzerland and is graduating out of Hayley’s Intermediate Class. She has consistently achieved great results. She is an enthusiastic and motivated student and always interacts well with other students. She has been a pleasure to have here and we hope you will continue your English studies, all the best Rahel!


IMG_9871Ruri is from Japan and is graduating from Liz’s Intermediate Class. She is a highly motivated and respectful student. She is able to express herself clearly and communicate well. We hope you continue to improve your English when you leave Lexis. all the best for the future Ruri!

IMG_9868Iveta is from Czech Republic and is graduating from Steve’s IELTS Preparation Class. She has worked extremely hard to improve her academic English skills and is now able to produce extended writing with reasonable accuracy, and she communicates effectively. Well done Iveta! All the best!

Unfortunately we don’t have a photo of Kyra and her class because they were out at Cotton Tree Park celebrating but,Β Kyra is from Switzerland and is graduating from Ryan’s Pre-Intermediate Class. She a wonderful, happy & positive student and it was great having her here. We wish you were staying longer, but enjoy your travels in Australia!