Fresh faces 24/04/2017

A big welcome to our new students at joining us on the Sunshine Coast today!


Kairi is from Japan where she is a student studying to be a flight attendant. She is here to study because she will need English for work in the future.

Yuto is also from Japan where he works as a Veterinarian. He wants to improve his English to get his Veterinarian License in Australia. He also wants to surf and travel while here!

Kyra is from Belp, Switzerland where she is a Nurse. She has chosen to come to Australia to study so that she can speak better with people, read papers in English and because it is easier to travel.

Joel is from Thusis, Switzerland where he works as a Carpenter. He is wanting to learn English because he likes to speak it and he may need it in the future for work, he chose Australia because he thinks it is a great country.

Nitchapan is from Bangkok, Thailand where she wants to work in a big company. She is here because she believes her English is very low and she thinks Australia is a beautiful country.

Anchalee is from Pathumthanee, Thailand where she works as a Golf Caddy. She is here because she wants to be able to speak to people in English and to understand it.

Patrick is from Switzerland, he is here to learn English to use for travelling!

Natthanan is from Chonburi, Thailand where he builds Condominium’s with his father. He is here to study English because where he lives has many foreign people and he chose to study in Australia because it is a beautiful safe country 🙂


We hope you had the best first day! ✨

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