A Big Welcome! 

A big welcome to our new students joining the Lexis Sunshine Coast family today. We hope you have the best first day! Now here is a bit about them! 😊

Anna is from Hokkaido & Tokyo in Japan where she was a saleswomen at a Japanese Tea company. Before she got that job she studied Human Resource Management at University.

Tatpiya is from Thailand where she wants to be a teacher and study a Master and Doctoral in major Economics or Business. She wanted to come here to study because she had a friend in Australia that told her how much her English had improved.

Buradisorn is from Bangkok, Thailand where he is a student. He chose to come here to study English because he eventually wants to study over here in Australia.

Sangmin is from South Korea where he is a student & is also in the Army. He chose to come to Australia because he wanted to go on a holiday while learning to speak English.

 Tomoyo is from Tokyo, Japan where she worked in an office. She is here to study English so she can improve and eventually speak English all the time at work so she can talk to people from other countries! (not in the photo)

Lori is from Kanagawa, Japan where she works at a Property Management company. She is here studying English because her boss recommended her to 🙂

Hiroaki is from Hokkaido, Japan where he was studying English & Japanese Culture. He chose to study English here because he loves Australia and wants to work here.

Patrick is from Cudrefin, Switzerland where he is a Customs Officer. He is he to prepare for the Academic IELTS Test and later will go to University for the second time. He chose the Sunshine Coast because it’s warm and he wants to meet the lovely people. (not in the photo)

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