Excursions and Explosive Science! (HSP)

Well, this week has been a quiet week but and interesting one! Now that there are fewer students than usual, we have been venturing outside a lot more and mixing with other classes in the afternoon. We have spent some time in the local public library, researching and studying in the quiet and the cool air-conditioning! Let’s take a look at the week in more detail …


This week we have decided to take our work and study elsewhere … to library, in fact. Located very close by (if you call 15 minutes close), it offers an endless supply of research material, quiet study areas and a place to relax and enjoy our surroundings. Students have learned to navigate the vast resources they have there and love being in the cool, relaxing environment. More excursion locations are being planned for the near future.


HSP Science: Mentos and Soft Drink
Our experiment is ready to go …

Answer: BOOM!

HSP Science: Mentos and Soft Drink
A chemical reaction!

… well, not quite but as we found out, there can be a pretty exciting reaction! Our aim was to test the reaction of various types of soft drink with Mentos mints. We had five different flavoured drinks; Orange, Lemonade, Ginger Beer, Cola and Diet Cola. Then, of course, the exciting part. We opened each of the 1.25L bottles and place 4 Mentos mints in each, one by one. We observed how high the spout of bubbles exploded and measured how much drink was left in each bottle. The results …

Now for the interesting stuff! Students then researched why this happened and what was going on inside the bottle. The mentos mints have thousands of tiny holes on the surface. When these come into contact with the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the soft drink, it creates bubbles in a reaction called (). This happens from the moment the mints enter the soft drink, building up the reaction of bubbles as it falls to the bottom. With nowhere else to go, the bubbles are shot out the top of the bottle in an amazing explosion! We were pretty happy with our results today! What do you think?

HSP Science: Mentos and Soft Drink
Our HSP Scientists!!

Join us again next time as we welcome some new students and explore various subjects and exciting games with them.

Until next time …

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

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