Fresh Faces Joining Lexis

Welcome to our wonderful new students, we hope you enjoy your first day at Lexis Sunshine Coast!


Here is a little bit about the new students joining us today 🙂


Risa is from Fukuoka City in Japan. She is a student at Kyushu Gaigo College. Her dream is to open her own cafe here in Australia on the Gold Coast because of the weather & because the people that live in Australia are so kind.

Melanie is from Schafisheim in Switzerland where she is a Lab Technician. Ever since she was younger she wanted to do a language stay and she thought Australia was a beautiful country to do it in.

Byung Soo Park is from South Korea where he works in Business Advertising. He is here because he wants to study a Diploma of Hospitality & a Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management as he wants to establish a restaurant and travel company back in Korea.

Yanisa is from Khon Kaen in Thailand and has come to Australia because her Aunt lives here & she wants to learn English.

Dawid is from Poland. He is a Psychologist & HR Manager. He chose to come & study in here because of the nice Australian people, and of course because it’s the sunshine state and so far from his home.

Lukasz is also from Poland where he has his own business. He has come here because it is a beautiful place with amazing people 🙂

Tudsaon is from Bangkok, Thailand where she works in a bank. She is here because she really wants to learn & improve her English and chose Australia again for the people and because of how beautiful it is.

Danila is from Trento in Italy where she has just finished her degree in Graphic Design & Multimedia. She is studying English because she thinks it is important for her future and chose Australia because she has always wanted to come!


Also a big Lexis welcome to the Meidai Meiji High School Students from Japan that will be here studying for 2 weeks. We are excited to get to know you all!



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