This Weekend…

The weather isn’t looking to great this weekend, so have a read of the top 27 things to do on the Sunshine Coast when it’s raining;



The Sunny Coast lives up to its exuberant name… a majority of the time. But alas, mother nature does have its rainy outbursts every now and then, leaving us folk unsure what to do with ourselves.

While we all love a good Netflix binge, if you’re ready to make the most of your rainy day—here’s 27 things to do on the Sunshine Coast when it rains.

1. Chill out with a soy latte at Little Cove Coffee Co in Noosa, you’ll dig the ambience.

2. Participate in the Mooloolaba Hanger Games—also known as “eating your way down the Mooloolaba Esplanade”. One of the tastiest things to do on the Sunshine Coast, that’s for sure!

3. Flashback to the 90s and head to Caloundra Rollerdome for a few hours of rollerblading fun (or falling on your ass).

4. Smash down a cheese toastie at Maroochydore’s Sol Bar.

5. Wallow in self pity because your tan is fading.

6. Go for a swim. Well, you’re already wet, right? It’s quite therapeutic, give it a go.

7. Be the Masterchef you’ve always wanted to be and attend a cooking class at Life’s a Feast in Noosa.

8. Gather the squad and slurp on a few of the Coast’s best cocktail jugs at Bohemian Bungalow. One of the most productive things to do on the Sunshine Coast, we reckon.

9. Feel at home at The Velo Project, a converted garage-cafe that serves all the good stuff. We’re massive fans of the smashed avo.

10. Post unwarranted Facebook updates about how crap the weather is.

11. Make your own cheese—I know, our minds are blown too. Easy Cheesy in Cooran will show you exactly how it’s done.

12. Cuddle up with Jane Austen and an espresso at The River Read bookstore.

13. Pamper time! Rain, what rain? You’ll feel as though you are in a tropical paradise at Ikatan Balinese Day Spa. Total, utter, bliss…

14. Grab your pals and head to Lamkin Lane in Caloundra for a rainy day treat—the brownies are to die for.

15. Do one of those Youtube pilates classes—you’ll probably burn more calories laughing at how uncoordinated you are than when you are doing the actual positions and exercises themselves.

16. Drink your way through the menu at the Sunshine Coast Brewery. Even take some stubbies home with you for your Netflix binge refreshments.

17. Avoid the rain-induced hair-frizz and host drinks for the gang, accompanied with a rainy day playlist on Spotify.

18. Get your game face on and hit the bowling alley, or just watch and devour some cheeky nachos in the food bar.

19. The movies. I know, we have Netflix now, but there’s still something spesh about the big screen. Watching Channing Tatum strut his stuff on VMAX rather than a 13-inch laptop—I’m in.

20. Revamp your home with something other than K-Mart’s finest, with some new vintage homewares from the Vintage Beach Shack in Noosa.

21. Save your pennies for your coffee addiction and spend your day rifling through op-shops for a new eclectic outfit. One of our fave things to do on the Sunshine Coast when it’s pelting down outside.

22. Host a games night. Dig out the old board games or splash some cash on the new Family Feud for an evening of…well… family feuds. It’s way more fun than it seems, we swear.

23. Wonderland in Noosa, because cronuts. Enough said.

24. Take a drive to the hinterland. There’s something about sipping a hot chocolate in a cafe on top of a mountain range, that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

25. Shop til’ you drop—or til’ you get hangry. Either/or, there’s plenty of shopping to be done and food to be consumed along Hastings Street. So, just head in that direction,

26. Step back in time and attend a silent film at The Majestic Theatre in Pomona—probs best to leave the noisy snacks at home for this one.

27. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the downpour, you can top up your tan tomorrow.

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