New Students

Welcome to our new students joining the Lexis Sunshine Coast family!


We couldn’t catch them all for a photo but here is a little bit about a few of our new students 🙂

Ruzica is from Coatia and chose to study here as a friend recommended it to her, she loves surfing & basketball!

Patrick is Swiss-German and chose Lexis again because it was recommended to him. His interests are soccer & riding his motorbike!

Justyna is from Poland and chose the Sunshine Coast because of the location & outdoor lifestyle during the course. She enjoys running swimming & riding her bike.

Viktor is from Sweden, he chose to study at Lexis because he really wanted to study somewhere on the Sunshine Coast at Lexis was the best school in the area. He enjoys being active, hanging out with friends, playing sports and travelling.

Ruedi is from Switzerland and chose Lexis Sunshine Coast because of the warm weather & the beach. He loves anything to do with outdoor sports like going to the beach, swimming & running.


We are really happy to have you all here with us & wish you all the best with your studies! 🇦🇺❤️

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