New Students 6th March 2017

Welcome to these smiley faces that joined the Lexis Sunshine Coast family on Monday!


Here is some information to help you to get to know them better 🙂

Damina is from Switzerland and loves going out with friends & going to the gym!

Viviana is also from Switzerland and enjoys swimming, jogging, reading, dancing and meeting new friends!

Defne is from Turkey she chose to come to the Sunshine Coast because of the lovely hot weather! She likes sports, walking and swimming.

Elena is from Spain, she was studying at out Byron Bay Campus and chose to come to Sunshine Coast for something different. She enjoys reading, walking on the beach and going out with her friends.

Martina is from Italy and had also been studying at our Byron Bay Campus! She chose to come to Lexis Sunshine Coast because she wants to discover and experience a new area of the Australian East Coast. She likes sport, food & wine and is excited to learn about other cultures & countries.

Shiori is from Japan, she chose the Sunshine Coast because of the beautiful sea that is here. She enjoys playing the piano and tennis!

Vitorio is from Brazil, Lexis was recommended to him he saw that the Sunshine Coast is a beautiful place near the ocean. His hobbies are surfing, skateboarding, scuba diving & reading.

Regula is from Switzerland and is here travelling visiting her family. She enjoys nature, travelling, running and reading.

Thomas is from Brasília, Brazil. He chose the Sunshine Coast because it is a smaller city & a quieter place to study. He likes playing football, cook with friends, travelling the world and getting to know new cultures & countries!

Rafael is also from Brasília, Brazil. He enjoys rock climbing, surfing, travelling & bio-construction.

Paul is from Cologne, Germany. He chose to study here because he thinks it is a very beautiful place in Australia, near the beach and the weather is very good most of the time. He loves all things sport, like soccer & swimming.

Monika is from Poland and chose to study here as she was told it is a very good school 🙂 she is very excited to learn/ study English!

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