HSP: Photography (Nature)

Back Into It! (HSP)

Time has been flying by so quickly, but we never fail to have a great time in HSP! We have said farewell to 3 of our students, who are now finding a home at a local high school. Life is different, but as always, we continue to enjoy our HSP family. Let’s take a look at what has been happening over the last little while …


We have had an exciting week with some games and other activities, to reinforce what we have been learning. Here is a look at just one of the fun games that we played this week. This board game on conditionals had students forming their own ‘if’ sentences and answering them. All of the students got really into this game and we all had a heap of fun!


It was a day mixed with joy and sadness as we said goodbye to 3 of our students; Ataberk (Turkey), Tavi (China) and Beatriz (Brazil). They were all smiles as we said farewell, however, as you can imagine, the rest of the class were not as happy to see their close friends leave. We wish them all the very best at their new schools. Good luck guys … and girl!

Of course, we couldn’t let them go without having a class party!

And we couldn’t let the students go without signing our special goodbye messages!


We have been venturing out of classroom and joining with another Lexis class to learn all about photography! Being a passion of mine it is a great way to not only introduce everyone to the English associated with photography, but to introduce them to other students here at Lexis Sunshine Coast. The focus is on nature, activities and people, and students, in groups, have been capturing photos of these themes right here on the Sunshine Coast. This week we have been taking photos and uploading them to Instagram accounts we have set up. If you’d like to take a look at some of them, search on Instagram #sunshinecoastnap_people. Here are some photos from our students:

HSP - Photography

Look out for next weeks report as we will be testing what happens when we mix mentos (mints) with different soda drinks. Our students will be writing a report on exactly what happens during the reaction process. Stay tuned!

Until next time …

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)


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