HSP: The two Frenchies (Henry and Oceane)!

Happy New Year!

It seems so long ago that we were celebrating Christmas with our friends and families. We hope you had a great time celebrating that special time of year and continue to have a great new year in 2017! That being said, let’s take a look at how HSP did Christmas this (well, last) year._obo2006-3


In 2017, there has already been so much happening. After the holiday celebrations we managed to settle into our first week with a new visitor, Beatriz, from Brazil. Bea has already settled into our HSP family and will be gracing us with her presence for a short 4 weeks. We hope you are enjoying yourself in Australia!

Farewell: The two Frenchies!

This was followed quickly by the departure of our two French students, Henry (of New Caledonia) and Océane (visiting from Tahiti). Although they were here for a short time, they will be greatly missed by their fellow students and teacher. We were so sad to see them go but we wish them all the best in their futures!


I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and are having an even beater new year! The students of HSP certainly have had a fun time at Christmas, learning all about our culture, traditions, food … and Christmas songs!

The week before the Christmas holiday was a busy one indeed. While we didn’t get through everything we had planned, our days were filled with preparations, cooking and fun! Take a look at some of the cooking fun we had.

We decided to make Rum Balls (minus the rum of course)  for the Lexis Christmas party … and doubled the recipe just to be sure! It was the students who did the research, found the recipe and shopped for the ingredients in our local supermarket conveniently located just metres away. They then set to work following the recipe and adding their own touch, to  create some pretty magnificent Rum (minus the rum) Balls! Take a look at how much fun was had that day.

Following the chaos and the excitement of all the cooking was the Christmas party itself. In preparation for the day, we had been practicing an ‘Aussie’ version of Jingle Bell Rock (sorry, Jingle ROO Rock), with Sonya’s advanced class. This was also a big lesson in culture for the students who were sadly more interested in that than the singing part! We all had a great time at the end of year Christmas party and it was a perfect way to begin the Christmas celebrations.

And then the performances …

We hope you all had a very happy Christmas and may this new year be a GREAT one!

– From all of us in HSP!

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