Introducing our Wonderful Sunset IELTS Class


It was an eventful week in the Sunset IELTS class. Jorge’s birthday was Wednesday, Andrea’s birthday is tomorrow and today was Gyun Ben Heo‘s last day! 😭 He will take his IELTS test this Saturday, and we know he will do well! We’ll really miss him, though. He gave a speech about how being a Lexis student has made him become a more outgoing person. That has improved his English skills, which is the whole point of what we do! 😃

Our class runs Monday-Thursday, so we spent the last hour of our class (and our school week) in Cotton Tree park, asking and answering questions for speaking practice, focusing on word order. After that the celebration really started and the discussions continued! I had to leave eventually, but they are probably still there!

This is a great group of fun-loving, hard-working students! We have slightly longer classes, but these students get to sleep in or work in the morning and take Fridays off! Would you like to join us? We’ll have some spots available in January.

– Christy
Sunset IELTS Teacher



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