HSP Class Photo

Introducing H.S.P.


Hello and let me introduce H.S.P. (High School Preparation)! This is a class for students wanting to attend high school right here in Australia. Our focus is on learning English through a range of high school subjects like science, maths, history, geography, the social sciences and PE … and as a trained high school PE teacher, I like this one a lot!

We are a small class at the moment and have quickly become like a family! Strong friendships have been made while new arrivals are quickly settling in. We currently have students from a range of countries including China, Turkey and Vietnam, and we have also had students from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and the Czech Republic.

HSP Class Photo


For some time now, we have been exploring writing styles and putting them to use in various subject areas. Some time ago we examined the Procedure style, and used it to teach each other how to perform a sporting activity … in English, of course!. The students loved being the teacher for the day and excelled at teaching each other some new moves! Take a look at some of the action from that day:

Basketball was first on the list with a nice demonstration of a lay-up from Felix. Next was some soccer from our expert player, Ataberk, all the way from Turkey:

Next up we had our martial artists, teaching us how to kick … Chinese (and Hong Kong) style!

Finally, we had the slightly more delicate, Robyn, teaching us a more graceful move – the ballet pirouette:

This is just a small taste of what we have been doing in H.S.P. Our students love exploring English through a range of activities including science experiments, investigations, projects and indoor and outdoor activities.

Next week we will be exploring the Scientific Method and Report Writing for science, and we will be investigating what happens when you heat and freeze a mixture of oil and water, with a focus on hypothesizing and writing scientific reports. Stay tuned!

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

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