End of Year Break-Up

What a wonderful Christmas party we had this afternoon at Lexis Sunshine Coast. Thank you to all our students for bringing all your countries traditional foods, your smiles, laughter & fun. Have a very Merry Christmas & a safe and happy new year. For those who are leaving goodbye & goodluck and for those returning we can’t wait to make more memories in the new year! 🎄✨❤️️

H.S.P. Sport - Girl Talk

H.S.P. – Poetry, PE and Playtime!


This week, we were blessed to have Oceane from Tahiti join us. She will be with our class for the next several weeks on a part-time basis, and we are so thankful to have her with us. Welcome Oceane! We hope you enjoy your stay with us in H.S.P., in Lexis English Sunshine Coast and in Australia.

H.S.P. Sport - Girl Talk
The new addition to our class, Oceane (left) chats with Alice (right) as the boys play hard behind them.


This week we have been looking at poetry as a writing style, focusing on describing our feelings and the world around us. One of the styles of poetry we looked at was the traditional Japanese Haiku … in English of course! Students learned that a Haiku poem consists of 3 lines, with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second, and 5 syllables in the third. Here are some of the students in action:

Felix surprised us all with this lovely Haiku:

H.S.P. Poetry - Haiku
© Felix Peng, 2016


In our PE lessons this week we have been looking into the human body and the systems that make up our amazingly crafted bodies. Touching on the main organs and body parts, we dove into the amazing details of

the systems that keep our body functioning. These included the Muscular, Skeletal, Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, Immune and other systems. The English vocabulary for this subject was challenging, however, the students were so fascinated at how perfect and complex our bodies work, I don’t think they noticed!


On a Friday afternoon, what better way to finish the day and the week with some ball sports and running around (or sitting and chatting for some of our girls)! The sports this week were AFL (just the kicking and catching part) and basketball. It was a hot day but the students didn’t seem to mind at all. As the boys got stuck into some serious sporting fun, the girls chilled out in the shade, chatting and getting to know each other. Here’s some of the action from that day:

While there was basketball going on, we had some students burning off a ton of energy with an AFL football. Check out this AMAZING catch from Henry!

Tavi had a little trouble today – he just couldn’t quite keep his eye on the ball …

… maybe next time, Tavi!

With all that energy burned off, I think these guys should get some good rest over the weekend and be ready to do it all again next week!

Don’t miss next week as we test the affects of heat absorption on various colours in our science lesson. We will also be preparing for the Lexis Christmas party.  It’s going to be a blast!

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)


Monday Afternoon Uno Fun


Yesterday afternoon we played Uno in  our Conversation Club – it’s fascinating to see how each country plays with different rules, so it is also a great way to practice speaking by explaining to other student how your country plays!

HSP Science Experiment: An Explanation

What’s Been Happening in H.S.P.

In H.S.P. we have had the pleasure of welcoming new students and we have been saddened to say goodbye to some who we have all grown so close to. In recent times we have said goodbye to Sophia (from Hong Kong) followed soon after by Robyn (from Korea). Many lasting friendships were made along the way and we wish them all the very best as they take up studies in high school in Australia and New Zealand.

It has been a difficult and sad time saying goodbye to 2 valuable members of our HSP family, but we wish them well as they pursue the challenge of studying in and English language high school! We hope to see you again someday.


This week we explored the topic of density through experimenting with oil and water. Our challenge was to test what happens when water is mixed with an equal amount of oil. We then heated and froze the mixture, and observed any changes that took place.

First thing’s first though … we needed to formulate a hypothesis. What was going to happen? Why was it going to  happen? The students got into 2 groups and, based on some prior research, put together a hypothesis. Now the fun part …

water-oil_normal_3We mixed the water and oil together. What happened?

No surprises here – the oil floated to the top! Next, we heated the mixture in a microwave. What happened?

Well, probably no surprises, right? Finally, we froze the mixture in a freezer. Drum roll …

water-oil_frozen_3The frozen water (ice) floated to  the top of the oil! What’s going on??

After a study in density, the students concluded that as the water turned to ice, it became less dense than the oil so it floated to the top.

None of the students were expecting this result. I guess we will need to modify our hypotheses!

Students completed the experiment by writing a scientific report detailing how we conducted the experiment, what happened and, or course, why it happened.

Needless to say, the students had a great time learning English through practical scientific experimentation. They can’t wait until we conduct our next experiment!

This week has been challenging but has been a whole lot of fun. Join us next time when we explore the human body systems in our PE lessons.

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)