Tired? Worn out at 11am? Does your morning look like this?

This is why the AFTERNOON CLASSES are tired. We are having too much fun. At 11am today members from the AFTERNOON CLASSES contributed less than $10 each to share an SUP between 3 people. WASSUP? You don’t know what SUP means? Stand-Up Paddle board.

This is the second time we have done it because it’s just so beautiful and relaxing here on the calm waters of Maroochydore River on the Sunshine Coast. Whilst SUPing away on the river, just a few hundred metres away, the other half of the group was surfing in the river-mouth. Under their amazing surfing coaches’ guidance, one student, who has only surfed 3 times, stood up on a wave for ELEVEN seconds. That’s actually pretty awesome for a beginner and he is the first Thai surfer I have ever seen, so I was stoked (that’s surfing slang for “amazed”).

If surfing and SUPing is not your thing, then there are plenty of other ways to keep yourself entertained. Check out the photos of Philippe’s crazy antics. In the end it was great getting out in the sun before it got too windy, then spending the hot afternoon in the comfort of our air-conditioned classroom.

3 days a week we do awesome activities before class but I would like to think we are improving our English too. Atsuko volunteered to be “event manager” for this activity so she had the opportunity to use her English with other class member as well as deal with the staff at the SUP hire company. Well done Atsuko. I would love to hear some feedback from my students telling me if they think their English is improving or not. ????? Leave a comment below PLEEEEEEASE!  🙂

A big thanks to Soul Man too for providing us with a delicious, healthy snack to power us through our lesson. There were a lot of vegetables on those pizzas. We are delighted you will be with us a little longer.

Anyone else want to feel tired because your are enjoying Australia’s outdoor lifestyle at 11am? Then talk to Sharon about joining one of our AFTERNOON CLASSES. We’d love to have you with us.  🙂

Catch’ya later.

Simon (Lexis Instructor)

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