Super MOONday. Will you remember it in 2034?

So yesterday was the SUPER MOON as seen all around the world. The next time it will be that close will be in the year 2034. Will you remember where you viewed this Super Moon from in 18 years time. The following blog was written by Millan in the afternoon classes. He has a great story to tell in the future when the next Super Moon comes. Have you?

Super MOONDay by Millan Vinches Munoz

November 14th was such a special Monday. This has never been better said because the Moon was at the closest point to the Earth since 1948. So my eager classmates and I couldn’t wait to pack away our books when we had finished the lesson.

We hastily grabbed some surfboards, drinks, snacks and headed straight to Alex beach. Once there we plunged into the water and waited for the decisive moment, around 6pm. After some minutes a brilliantly-lit spherical balloon appeared beyond the clouds on the horizon. It was as huge as it was beautiful!

We gazed at it while we were catching some waves with the Australian flag fluttering amongst us. The moment is difficult to explain in words… and it’s surely unique. Luckily we could take some pictures to capture the moment forever, although the photos don’t do the real experience justice.


What’s your Super Moonday experience? Leave a comment below. 🙂

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