Ana’s Cooking Class Activity – Sunset Classes.

Thanks Ana for putting together this blog. Also, thanks to the students who attended this activity. It was great fun.

Improve your Cooking and English skills by Ana Souza

Last week we had a fantastic cooking class with our former student Ana Souza. She taught us how to make quick and very healthy meals. We created some fresh, easy-to-make dips, omelettes, a wholesome quinoa salad and an amazing banana and blueberry ice cream.

The class was not only about the recipes. Ana also gave us many cooking tips and she explained about the benefits of all the ingredients we had. Everything was delicious and easy to prepare.

“I really enjoyed the recipes!!!!” Liz

“We had a great time with Ana.” Atsuko

“I felt like I was on a cooking show. She is a very enigmatic and passionate presenter and I would love my students and others to have the opportunity to join regularly.” Simon

She promised to run more cooking classes and she will be providing information on the Lexis’ noticeboards, so everyone can join!
If you want to follow her work you can look for @insAnna_cook on Instagram.

Thanks again for the opportunity to have these classes with the students.
Big hug,

Thanks Ana

Simon (Lexis Instructor)

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