Afternoon Class Activities Buderim Falls

About 2 weeks ago, students from both of the afternoon classes met at Lexis early one morning. Thanks to a couple of students with their own transport, we car-pooled our way to Buderim Falls, which is only about 15 min from Lexis Sunshine Coast campus.

After an easy 2km walk through the scenic rainforest we arrived at the waterfall. Due to a lack of rain recently there wasn’t a lot of water but we were still able to have a relaxing swim and a refreshing shower under the gentle cascade.

After a little snack and some healthy yoga in the enchanting forest, we headed back to our cars. On the way we were treated to a little demonstration from some local fauna. A beautiful carpet python, with a very full belly, lingered unafraid within a metre of our viewing platform. It’s great to see animals in their native habitat.

After that adventure we departed Buderim Falls to start our lessons. It was a beautiful day so we decided to do our lessons in a slightly different location. Check out my next blog to find out where.

Simon (Lexis Instructor)

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