Thuy’s Lexis Sunshine Coast experience


Thuy is one of our Vietnamese students, he is happy to share his Lexis experience with us:

“Hi everybody! My name is Thuy, I’m 32 years old. I come from Vietnam, it’s a beautiful country which is located in the East of Asia. We all know that English plays an important role in the development of a country. That’s why I want to learn English. I want to spend my whole life to contribute to its development. So, nowhere in the world is better than Australia. Right here we have access to an advanced education system, a wonderful English-speaking environment and… Australia is also a very friendly and beautiful country. All the universities and colleges offer the best education, one of them is the University of Sunshine Coast – Lexis English Sunshine Coast campus. Sunshine Coast campus is situated on level 3, 17 Duporth Avenue, Maroochydore, Queensland. Standing on the level 3, you can have a look of the coast ahead, the park, the library, the supermarket… It’s only 5 minutes walk to Sunshine Plaza and it’s very convenient for anyone to catch the bus if they want to travel around Maroochydore. Besides that, the teaching and working staff here are especially friendly and helpful. They’re well-trained and experienced. It’s amazing that the teaching methods here are so open, so effective and so professional. It’s so easy to understand. The students from all over the world gathered here to exchange their knowledge and their cultures. They are all close to each other. Thanks to the professional and international English-speaking environment, now I feel so comfortable and confident when going to school and wandering around the park, the beach or the street.That’s why I would recommend to my relatives and my friends, not only in Vietnam but also in Australia to study well, to work hard and to try our best to achieve our dreams. I think this is the most suitable destination for both overseas students and local students, to master English in Australia. It would be great for me to teach, to work and to do more research in English, when I come back to Vietnam with what I’ve learned here. I think I can do it all well.”


Hoa, Thuy, Thanh and Long

Thank you Thuy, Lexis Sunshine Coast wishes you all the best with your English studies!

Want to know more about your Lexis Sunshine Coast teacher?

Let’s meet teacher Matt who has been teaching at Lexis since October 2013.

matt lissett

Why did you choose teaching as your career?

“I love to meet people from around the world, I enjoy conversation and it’s a great chance to share knowledge and learn.”

Which class are you teaching at the moment?

“Elementary, but soon Intermediate.”

For how long have you been teaching at Lexis Maroochydore? What did you do before you worked here?

“Just about a month, before that I taught in New Zealand, the UK, South Korea and Taiwan.”

Do you speak another language? What was your biggest challenge when learning it?

“A little Chinese, the tones are very hard to grasp.”

What do you like the most about your job?

“The big laughs in class and seeing students get better and more successful.”

In your opinion, what is Maroochydore’s best kept secret?

“I couldn’t tell you, I’m fresh off the plane.”

If you were not a teacher, what job would you have now?

“Perhaps a chef.”

Beach cricket at Cotton Tree park

Another beautiful day in Maroochydore for our Lexis students. This time the students had a taste of the legendary cricket. The students had fun and were happy to discover something new. In between each innings, the students went for a well-deserved dip in the water. Each team won an innings and there was a draw too, keeping everyone happy. Well done everyone!


Dario batting and Yuzo bowling!


Margaux batting, Yuzo and Roberto fielding and Adrian bowling.


Margaux, Michael, Emanuel, Dario, Angela, Roberto, Adrian, Francesca, Yuzo, Elias and Quentin.See you all very soon for the next cricket session.

Lexis Sunshine Coast students are graduating


Daniel, Byeonghoon, Yukumi and Phillip have graduated today! Congratulations!


Adrian, Eike, Dario, Santi, Daniel, teacher Ellie, Michael, Hanae, Nadine, Valerie, Stephanie, teacher Esther, Rozy, Angela, Donghui, Wakana and Byeonghoon. Congratulations to Hanae, Daniel and Byeonghoon for graduating! Lexis wishes you all the best.