New Sunset EAP classes started at Lexis Sunshine Coast

New Sunset EAP classes started at Lexis Sunshine Coast today. This class is for students on an academic pathway to university. All of our current students plan to study at the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2014.


(Monisha, Nisha, Maggie, Roselie, Biao, teacher Christy, Peng Fei and Hareshkumar.)

Sunset classes begin at 3pm and finish at 7.30pm – leaving our students a lot of free time to enjoy the mornings but still arrive home early enough to enjoy all the Sunshine Coast has to offer in the evenings.

photo 1

(Max, Lemon, Kanubhai, Nisha, Monisha, Maggie, Roselie, Biao, Hareshkumar, Peng Fei, He Ya, Manda and teacher Christy.)

Meet the Lexis Sunshine Coast surf girls!


Julia, Michelle, Melanie, Sabrina, Sarah, Lisa, Andrea, Angela and Stephanie.

Perfect weather for our surf girls who enjoyed a surf lesson with surf instructor Michael at the Maroochy beach. If you have missed out and you would like to join us, the next surf lesson will be on the 8th of November.

Lexis Sunshine Coast students go skydiving

Lexis Sunshine Coast students are studying English in a world-class environment and make friends from all over the world. When our students are not studying, they can enjoy what the Sunshine Coast has to offer. An amazing environment they can all discover thanks to our Student Uni Travel/Backpacker World Travel agent Beth! Beth is here to make sure our students make the most of their stay with us. Skydiving is one of the many activities our students can enjoy.


Phillip, realising he is dropping 4.5km at 200km/h!


Stephanie having fun thanks to Sunshine Coast Skydivers.

If you too feel like jumping 15.000 feet, do not hesitate to see Beth from SUT/BWT to book your adventure now!

Welcome to our new EAP students


This week, Lexis Subshine Coast would like to welcome Max and Biao (China), Shaikh, Kanubhai and Hareshkumar (India), Peng Fei, He Ya, Maggie and Manda (China), Monisha and Nisha (India) and Roselie (Vietnam). All the best with your studies at Lexis and University!

Lexis Sunshine Coast students go wake-boarding

Students were very happy to find a wake-boarding lake almost exclusively for them. Absolutely perfect for beginners who want to practise a lot. It was great to see the smiles on the students’ faces as they stood up right on their wake-boards. Fantastic day out on the water! If you missed out, the next wake-boarding session will be held on the 15th of November. See Nico at the reception to book now!


(Top: Yo, Laura and Ignacio. Bottom left: Ignacio. Bottom right: Lisa, Stephanie and Laura.)


(Top: Caspar and Patrick. Bottom left: Mirjam. Bottom middle: Lisa. Bottom right: Patrick.)

Well done everyone!


Student Alberina is leaving Lexis Sunshine Coast

It was a pleasure to have Alberina with us at Lexis Sunshine Coast. Alberina was a great student and will be missed. She celebrated her birthday on student night at the Duporth Tavern together with all the other Lexis students. We wish Alberina all the best.


Lexis Sunshine Coast staff: Tanja (Accommodation Officer), David (Senior Teacher), Andrea (Administration Officer), Alberina and Sharon (Academic Manager).