Risa’s Lexis Sunshine Coast experience

Risa is very happy to share her personal Lexis Sunshine Coast experience with us:


(Paolo, Luca, Risa, Yazeed and Kroos)

“Hello, my name is Risa. I’m 18 years old and from Japan. The reasons why I learn English are that it is main language in the world. I want to go to university here and make a lot of friends who are from different countries.

At first, I wanted to live in Gold Coast where is close to the beach. However, there is no university where I can study about tourism, and then I was told that Sunshine Coast is beautiful place and good to study English. So I chose here.

The best point of studying at the Sunshine Coast campus is close to the beach. As soon as school is finished, you can go to the beach on foot. I recommend studying here because the teachers and students are friendly and helpful and also if you like going to the beach, here is the best place. I will go to university and look for a job with the English I learned.”

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