Beach volleyball for our Hatsushiba Hashimoto highschool students

Our guests from the Hatsushiba Hashimoto highschool are enjoying their first day of activities at Lexis Sunshine Coast together with our other students. Four teams were formed and the volleyball tournament could start. All teams had fun competing against each other and everyone played very well. Well done students!volleyball1jpg

(Top: Kazuhiro, Hiroki, Koki, Naoto, Andres, Pablo, Go, Koki, Tsubasa, Mami, Mayu, Mai, Risa, Tomoko, Sara and teacher Yoko. Bottom left: teacher Yoko, Koki, Hiroki, Fabienne and Tsubasa. Bottom right: Naoto, Pablo, Tomoko, Daiki, teacher Yoko and Andres.)


(Top: Kazuhiro, Go, Hiroki, Adrian, Naoto, Koki, Andres, Pablo, Koki, Tsubasa, Mami, Mayu, Mai, Risa, Tomoko, Sara and teacher Yoko. Bottom left: Mai, Mami, Sara, Adrian and Koki. Bottom right: Andres, Tomoko, Daiki, Pablo and Koki.)


(Top: Adrian, Kazuhiro, Hiroki, Go, Tsubasa, Tomoko, Daiki, Mai, Mami, Sara, Risa, Kazuki, Koki, Naoto, Koki, Mayu and teacher Yoko. Bottom left: Pablo, Tomoko, teacher Yoko, Daiki, Andres, Mai, Mami. Bottom right: Adrian, Mai, Mami, Sara, Koki, Hiroki, Kazuhiro and Fabienne.)

Welcome to our Hatsushiba Hashimoto high-school students!

Lexis Sunshine Coast would like to welcome our new students from the Hatsushiba Hashimoto high-school in Japan. We are also welcoming three more international students this week.


(Hiroki, Koki, Tomoko, Sara, Mayu, Mai, Go, Naoto, Julia, Tubasa, Koki, Risa, Mami, Daiki, Kazuhiro, Seonhui and Tae-Hyung.)

All the best with your studies at Lexis!

Lexis Sunshine Coast students go Bowling!

It was a great afternoon at the Suncity Tenpin Bowling in Alexandra Headland for all of our students. Bowling is just a great way to come together at the end of the week, have fun and relax from a good week studying.

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(Adrian, Delphine, Tanja, Phillip Bryan, Taka, Yazeed, Berenice, Fabienne, Ryo, Hiroyuki, Daisuke, Kazuki, Pablo, Jeej, Rayan, Mina, Celia, Dasha and Risa.) Well played everyone!

See you all on the 16th of August for our next Bowling session!

Lexis Sunshine Coast students are graduating!

Lexis was happy and sad to see some students leaving with their certificates. It was nice to see our students happy to receive their certificates but it was sad to see that they were leaving too.


(Top: Andres, Ken, Ko-wen, Sang, Lola, teacher David, Jan, Pablo, Shinya and Madeleine. Bottom left: Jan, Yazeed, Mina and teacher Simon. Bottom right: Jan and Mina.)


(Top: Hiro, teacher Simon, Bora, Misaki, Kaoru, Delphine, Min, Amanda, Mina, Dasha, Cloe and Phanky. Bottom left: Teacher Simon and Mina. Bottom right: Teacher Simon and Mina.)

We wish Mina and Jan all the best for the future! Well done!

Student night at Lexis Sunshine Coast

It is always good to see that the students are having fun at our student night. The student night is a great way to socialise with other students outside of the school environment. They enjoy free food, very cheap drinks, live music (thanks to the Duporth Tavern) and can win some great prizes (thanks to Lexis). Thank you Duporth Tavern for taking care of our Lexis students!


(Right: Minaho and Berenice. Top left: Shinya, Berenice, Nozomi and Shogo. Bottom left: Minaho, Berenice and Nozomi.)

Lexis Sunshine Coast beach Olympics

Lexis Sunshine Coast was happy to host their first winter Olympics… on the beach!

It was great to see how many students took part in the Lexis winter Olympics! Five teams were formed, each representing a continent. All five teams were competing against each other in a series of games that involved strength, coordination, agility and speed. The pictures bellow show our students having fun in the tough “Relay Race”… Congratulations to everyone for their performance, especially team black for their victory; Filippo, Amanda, Mayu, Pablo, Adrian and Bora won some nice red and white wine they shared with everybody and some very nice vouchers to enjoy a burger at Grill’d burger restaurant in Maroochydore. Thank you Grill’d!


(Top left: Mina, Shinya, Hiro, Amanda, Misaki, Mayu, Delphine, Ryo, Pablo, Celia, Berenice, Filippo, Andres, Jan, Beomseok, Corina, Bora, Rosalie, Ko-Wen, Phanky, Rattanakorn, Fabienne, Kazuki, Long, Hwa-Shin, Phillip, Sang, Adrian and Taka. Top right: Rosalie and Rattanakorn. Middle right: Chonlada and Mina. Bottom right: Kazuki and Phanky. Bottom middle: Long and Beomseok. Bottom left: Adrian.)

See you all at the next Olympics this summer!