Heny’s Lexis Sunshine Coast experience


Heny would like to share her ‘Lexis English’ experience with us:

“My name is Heny. I’m 18 years old and come from Taiwan. Firstly, I didn’t want to study English anymore after high-school, but I love traveling and I want to go to university in Australia. So, I changed my mind and came to Australia to learn English. I chose the Sunshine Coast because my mother said: “It is a fantastic place, the beach is clean, the environment is natural and the most important thing is that there are hardly any people who can speak mandarin.” I think the best part about studying at Lexis Sunshine Coast is that the teachers and students are extremely amiable and helpful. Also, the environment of here is awesome. I recommend studying here, particularly if you love swimming in the sea and enjoying a natural life. I’ll look for a job, travel and go to university in my future with the English I’ve learned.”


Lexis English Sunshine Coast wishes Heny all the best.

Maroochydore Reds bring victory to Lexis Sunshine Coast

What a beautiful sunny day to play soccer. Congratulations to all players and supporters from Noosa and Maroochydore! As usual, both teams have delivered a great performance. The match was fun and full of surprises.

On behalf of all the Lexis Sunshine Coast campus, we would like to congratulate the Maroochydore soccer team for their victory. Well done everybody for this great match.


(Top to bottom: Mohammed, Ryo, Taka, Rayan, Jorge, Hiro, Stin, Jeej, Jan, Shogo, Luca, Ruben and Raphael.)

The match started very quickly with a first attack from Maroochydore (Jeej) but no goal. Only a few minutes later Maroochydore (Ruben) scored the first goal. Maroochydore (Ruben) scored a second goal and it did not take long for Noosa to equalise before the end of the first half, leaving the score to 2-2.


(Top: First Noosa goal, Stin, Jan, Raphael and Luca. Bottom left: Rayan and Mussad. Bottom middle: Paparazzi Lynn. Bottom right: Goal keeper Raphael.)


(Top: Stin, Luca, Hiro, Jan and Mohammed. Bottom left: Mohammed. Bottom middle: Teacher Simon and Yazeed. Bottom right: Zen students Irene and Risa.)


(Mohammed tackling, Ghallab, Luca and Jan.)

During the second half Maroochydore (Ruben) scored on a penalty. Noosa equalised again, leaving the score to 3-3. A few minutes before the end, Maroochydore (Ruben) scored a final and fourth goal to give Maroochydore the victory. Without a doubt, Ruben was our man of the match. Well done Lexis Sunshine Coast!


(Top: Free kick for Noosa, Raphael, Jan, Jeej, Jorge, Stin, Rayan, Ryo, Luca and Ghallab. Bottom left: Irene and man of the match Ruben. Bottom middle: Paparazzi Melanie. Bottom left: Melanie and supporter Yazeed.)


(Minaho, Natsumi, Rebecca, Risa, Ghallab, Jeej, Hiro, Irene, Ruben, Shogo, Yazeed, Stin, Taka, Khalid, Mayu, Mina, Jorge, Mussad, Melanie, Mohammed, Raphael, Ghallab, Rayan, Luca, Jan, Ryo and Lynn.)

All students received a voucher to enjoy a free burger thanks to “Grill’d” restaurant at Sunshine Plaza/Maroochydore.Well done Lexis students!


Ruben will enjoy a nice bottle of wine offered by Lexis Sunshine Coast. Congratulations!

Beach soccer at Lexis Sunshine Coast

This is how we like to spend fall/winter days at Lexis Sunshine Coast! 

beach soccer1jpg

(Top: Jorge, Shogo, Ruben, Raphael, Melanie, Mina, Name, Ryo, SHinya, Taka, Luca and Jan. Bottom left: Jorge and Shinya. Bottom middle: Ruben, Shogo, Shinya and Jorge. Bottom right: Jorge, Raphael and Shinya.)

beach soccer 2jpg

(Top: Ruben, Shogo, Jorge, Luca, Jan, Name and Shinya. Bottom left: Ryo, Luca, Jorge and Shinya. Bottom middle: Ryo, Raphael and Ruben. Bottom right: Ruben, Jorge and Jan.)

beach soccer3jpg

(Top: Shogo, Jorge, Name, Raphael and Luca. Bottom left: Jorge, Shogo and Luca. Bottom middle: Name, Shogo, Luca and Ryo. Bottom right: Jorge, Jan, Raphael, Luca, Ryo and Shinya.)

Great and sunny day for beach soccer. See you all next Wednesday for the soccer match against Noosa.

Want to know more about your Lexis teacher?

Let’s meet teacher Yvonne, who has been working at Lexis since 2009.


Yvonne’s Upper Intermediate class: Hugo, Jan, Sang, Yvonne, Manon, Ghallab, Khalid and Muslat.

Why did you choose teaching as your career?

“To meet lots of interesting people from all around the world.”

Which class are you teaching at the moment?

“Upper-Intermediate, they’re beautiful!”

How long have you been teaching at Lexis Maroochydore for? What did you do before you worked here?

“4 years. I worked as a teacher in other schools in Australia and around the world.”

Do you speak another language? What was your biggest challenge when learning it?

“I speak Italian. The hardest thing for me was figuring out if nouns were masculine or feminine!”

What do you like the most about your job?

“A very happy and friendly workplace”

In your opinion, what is Maroochydore’s best kept secret?

“Drive through Zaraffa’s coffee!”

If you were not a teacher, what job would you have now?

“Translator, interpreter or world-famous actor!”

“Job hunting” Workshop at Lexis Sunshine Coast

A lot of students attended the workshop held at Lexis in Maroochydore. All our students were paying attention to the precious tips teacher Simon was giving to them.


(Top: Teacher Simon, Tamami, Amanda, Wakana, Nozomi, Stin, Jinhee, Phillip, Blair, Maiko, Ryo, Hiro, Jina, Nayoung, Taka, Mina and Jeannette. Bottom left: Mina and Taka. Bottom middle: Yeon Ju and Lynn. Bottom right: Shogo and Pablo.)


(Top: Tamami, Amanda, Wakana, Nozomi, Stin, Jinhee, Phillip, Blair, Maiko, Joy, Penny, Hiro, Taka, Jina, Mina, Nayoung, Jeannette, Natsumi, Ryo, Lynn, Shogo. Bottom left: Students and teacher Simon. Bottom middle: Natsumi and Ryo. Bottom right: Students and teacher Simon.) It was great to see so many students come to the workshop. Lexis Sunshine Coast will be even happier to know you all have found a job.

Fun and games at Lexis English Sunshine Coast

Intermediate students from Ellie and Anne’s class joined together for fun activities to reinforce the topic of laughter and what makes us happy. The students played fun games with Oreos and races with M&M’s. It was great, the students laughed a lot. Thank you to our fantastic Lexis students!


Go Pablo! Will he drop the Oreo or will he manage to get it from his forehead to his mouth?


Go girls!