Naomi is leaving us

Naomi, it was great to work with you! The Lexis Sunshine Coast staff wishes you all the best and we hope to see you very soon.


(Natsumi, Khalid Ali, Abdulmajeed, Stin, Muslat, Francesco, Naomi, Lola, Minaho, Shinya and Andres)

Student night at Duporth Tavern for Lexis Maroochydore

The cooler nights are not turning away the students from their student night! They all came to enjoy a nice moment together, cheap drinks and some free food offered by the Duporth Tavern.


(Top: Minaho, Stephanie, Simon, Saki, Anita, Robi, Katsue, Luca, Ryo, Raphael, Nadine, Julia, Markus and Mina. Bottom left: Jeannette, Nadine and Julia. Middle: Anita and Robi. Right: Markus, Mina and Lukas.)

Raphael’s Lexis Sunshine Coast experience


This week Raphael would like to share his ‘Lexis experience’ with us:

” Hi there, I’m Raphael Faessler and live originally in Switzerland. I’m 19 years old and born in 1994. That I think English is one of the main languages in the world is not the only reason why I decided to enhance my English skills here in Australia. There were 3 Lexis English schools in Australia from which i could choose one (Maroochydore, Sydney and Perth). I was told that on the west coast are more Swiss people and Sydney is too cold for this time. So i chose Maroochydore.
I just can recommend this part of Australia to everybody who wants to improve his/her English because everybody is so open-minded and easy-going here. The people are all friendly and greet you on the streets even if they don’t know you. I was positive surprised of the school here. There are a lot of after-school activities and huge discounts to go traveling. Directly after my time in Australia I will start a university in Switzerland. Later I might will set up a Business as construction engineer. So I’m happy to be able to enhance my English skills here.”


SANG students inviting everyone from Lexis English Sunshine Coast for a great feast

It was a great evening to remember for all Lexis Maroochydore students! What a great party our SANG students organised. Food for everyone to enjoy, beverages, music, dance competitions… Our students prepared many great dishes with a lovely touch from Saudi Arabia and shared them with their fellow classmates. We only have one question, when are you organising the next party?Partyjpg

Happy Sunshine Coast students coming together to have a taste of Saudi Arabian cuisine!


Great hospitality!


Having fun preparing the feast, that is what gives the food that lovely touch.



Keep smiling students!

Oral presentation for EAP student Sky

EAP students are preparing for oral examinations. In order to be prepared they all have to present a topic of their choice in front of the class. This morning Sky has made a nice presentation for her classmates and her teacher Suzie about the importance of practicing sports and stretching. When Sky started showing how to stretch properly, her teacher and all of her classmates were very happy to join in and practice with her.


(Top: Teacher Suzie, Niteshkumar, Arpapat, Anakkhaporn, Jie, Xue Ke, Manon, Thawinkiat and Academic Manager Sharon. Bottom left: Niteshkumar and Arpapat. Suzie, Niteshkumar, Arpapat and Anakkhaporn. Jie, Xue Ke, Manon and Thawinkiat. Bottom right: Sky.)

Sunshine Coast students go Wake-boarding!

The students went wake-boarding on Wednesday and the weather allowed them to have a good afternoon session without rain.


(Top: Daiki, Melanie, Shogo, Markus, Anita, Taro, Luca, Minaho, Stephanie, Raphael, Jan, Shinya and Robi, Bottom left: Markus, middle: Raphael, right: Shinya)


(Shogo and Hiro)


(Top left: Minaho, Right: Minaho and Raphael, Bottom left: Taro, Right: Stephanie)


(Left: Melanie, Hiro and Stephanie, Top right: Daiki, Shogo, Minaho, Raphael, Taro and Luca)