Students go surfing

The Sunshine Coast students enjoy the Maroochydore surf

The conditions were perfect to go surfing for Robi, Simon, Natascha, Ramona and Anita: great weather and the waves were not too big for beginners. Surf teacher Ian was happy to see how well the students were doing.

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Well done everybody!


(Eri, Simon and Hiro) Hiro is surfing for the first time with his brand new board, Sensei Simon will give him all the good tips!

Soccer Match

Noosa Campus vs. Maroochydore Campus

First of all, well done to everybody who played, cheered or sweated in some way supporting our soccer teams! All the conditions were united to have a great match: great players, beautiful weather, a proper soccer field and a good referee! Maroochydore was missing a few more players but this was solved by asking a few Noosa players to play for our team. Thank you Leo, Lee and Bruno for your participation.

Maroochydore scored first on a counter-attack with Lukas making the final pass to Taro, who scored. Great combination! The score at the end of the first half was 1-1. Unfortunately for Maroochydore, Noosa scored 2 extra goals in the second half, leaving the final score to 3-1 for Noosa.

If you could not make it for this match and would like to join the Maroochydore Campus Soccer Team, make sure you sign up for the return match on the 8th of May.

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Thinking about studying at University of Sunshine Coast?….

Check out the USC Open Day at SBIT!

You can choose to study either at South Bank (SBIT campus) or at the Sunshine Coast, depending on your degree. USC will have academic and admissions staff there on the day to answer any questions. They will also have an ‘introduction to studying at USC’ seminar.

USC are looking forward to welcoming you to the event and there will be prizes on the day for students who register and come to the event.


Big prizes to win for our students

Prizes to be won on the 2d of May for our student night

All the students are invited to our big student night at Mikki’s, accross the road from the school to win great prizes. The student night starts at 7.30pm on Thursday night the 2d of May. All the students can have a guess at how many gummy bears there are in the jar to win the prizes! Please see Kim at the BWT travel desk (2d floor) to give your name and guess.Good luck everyone!


SANG students graduate!

Congratulations to our SANG students who all proudly graduated today! They all gave a speech and all the Lexis students enjoyed a nice piece of cake. We wish them all the best at the flight school! Well done!

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