Australia Day

On Friday the Kindai students at Lexis English Sunshine Coast enjoyed spending the afternoon playing ‘Aussie Activities’. We had a lamington decorating competition and the students enjoyed decorating both the cakes and each other. We also had a selection of ‘Aussie’ food to sample and lots of Australian toys! The winner of the ‘ Proudest Australian’ competition was Motoki, who won himself a crazy Australian hat.





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Beach BBQ

Lexis English Sunshine Coast has decided to host a weekly student BBQ, with lots of free food and drinks. We hope you join us every Thursday at Cotton Tree Park for a fun filled night…

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Kindai Surfing Lesson

It was an early start today for the surfing lesson with the aim to get to the beach and in the water before the wind begins to pick up. With the surf ranging between 1-2 ft and a light northerly wind blowing, it was ideal conditions to learn to surf. Merrick, an ex professional surfer used his skills to teach the students how to paddle, where to lay on the board and most importantly how to stand up and surf! After the theory part of the lesson the Kindai’s hit the water to test our their balance, co-ordination and skills. Some of the students were natural surfers others may need a little more practice, but all in all the students had an awesome day and were exhausted after two hours of surfing! See you all in the water again soon 🙂



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Student Night

Student night at the Cow n’ Anchor is always a fun night….
Last night was no exception with lots of lively students joining me for a few games of pool followed by some refreshing drinks.

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Surfing 101 !

Last Friday’s surfing lesson had the students carve up the waves like a couple of veteran surfers! With Ben and the girls leaving the surf with bigger smiles than when they went in, I think its safe to say this won’t be their last time surfing!

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