At Lexis English Sunshine Coast we spent the afternoon playing pool. Risa from Japan showed us her rather unusual pool playing skills. Join us next time!


Today we welcomed nine new students to Lexis English Sunshine Coast. We then spent the afternoon playing cricket in the sun!

Masaya (Japan), Faisal (Saudi Arabia), Yuna (Korea),Ting (Taiwan), Corinne (Switzerland), Min Woo (Korea), Alexandra (Switzerland), Christopher (Switzerland) and Katrin (Switzerland).

Cake Class!

“On Monday we all decorated cakes to support the RSPCA cupcake day! We were given 20 minutes to decorate our cakes with the materials given to us.” (Joon from Korea)

Hyeok and Natalie finished the fastest however their cake did not quite meet the standard of Michaela and Seokyoung’s cake.

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Greg’s grammar class even got to enjoy the finished products!

Grammar Intensive Class

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and where were the students from Lexis Sunshine coast?? At Robyn’s Grammar Intensive class, of course, which runs every day between 2-3pm. When I asked Williams from Brazil why he attended grammar class every day he said ‘ We all love teacher Robyn and I enjoy studying grammar so it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon.’ It seems like a lot of students agree……



Happy birthday Jenny. Take a look at the amazing cake Cintia made and Jessica’s marvelous decorating skills!

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Cow N’ Anchor

Last night was another brilliant student night. Renato from Brazil decided to show us his dancing skills followed by Dieogo and Marina.

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