Lexis English Welcomes Nina Schiller as Cambridge Exams Manager!

Lexis English is proud to announce that we have been given full accreditation as an open Cambridge Exams Centre.

 Nina has a long history with Cambridge exams. Before coming to Australia, Nina taught and ran Cambridge exams in Switzerland. Since joining Lexis she has taught Cambridge Pet, First and Advanced before being appointed as ADOS and Cambridge Professional Development coordinator.

Nina says, ” I am delighted to take on this role as Cambridge Manager. There will be two open centres; Lexis Cambridge East  Coast covering Byron Bay, Brisbane, Noosa and Maroochydore and Lexis Cambridge West Coast covering our Perth Beach school.

Lexis Noosa, has already established a reputation as a Cambridge centre of excellence and we are proud of being able to offer high quality Cambridge tuition and our superior results.   I am especially proud of our 100% pass rate at CPE level”.

“Students will now have the benefit of an efficient central registration of exams and the convenience of sitting exams locally. I am looking forward to travelling to our schools in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, to meet the new Cambridge teams and lead Cambridge professional development”.



This PIC was taken in ( Melaleuca Station – Memorial Gardens & Crematorium ) 3 days ago. I was OMW to Sunshine Coast from ByronBay when something caught my attention. I stopped and I was shocked. I was thrilled by the beauty of the landscape. I have never ever seen anywhere like this. Many  famous people came to this place –  it’s like paradise!



At the same time when eccentric emperor Rudolf II. (1552 – 1612) ruled Prague there was a large Jewish commune that was lead by Rabbi Low.

He was a very clever and learned person. He had also some magic skills which he sometimes used to help poor Jewish people.

In those days, people from the Jewish commune had many problems with Christian people. They were often fighting together on the streets and sometimes someone was killed.

Then Rabbi Low decided to use his magic skills to create a big strong creature which would protect the Jewish people. He used mud and clay and modeled a robust man with a small hole in his head. If the rabbi put a small magic marble into this hole the clay man came alive.

Rabbi Low gave him the name Golem.

For a long time the Golem was very useful. He helped the rabbi defend the Jewish people from Christian attacks. But one day the rabbi was away from home, the Jewish people tried to use the Golem by themselves and the Golem went crazy and hurt one Christian child. Fortunately the rabbi came back and took the magic marble from his head, then he decided to destroy the Golem.

Many of the rabbi’s friends tried to persuade him not to do it, but they weren’t successful. On this day the Golem disappeared forever.

Nobody knows what happened with Golem. Manny people believe that the Golem wasn’t destroyed. Maybe he is hidden somewhere but no one can find him….


I head first time this story from my gand father when I was a child