Wet Weather Activities

The recent wet weather hasn’t stopped us having fun after class. A game of Twister had everybody laughing, Headbanz had another group practising English while having some fun and yet another group decided to start a mystery puzzle.

The mystery puzzle has proven to be very popular with students dropping into Room 4 to sit and chat while trying to fit a few more pieces into the puzzle. Robyn’s Elementary class spends a few minutes each day listening to Robyn read the clues to the mystery while they sit together and try to solve the puzzle and the mystery…..Drop into Room 4 and watch the mystery unfold. Will you be the first to solve it?


Have you tried Wakeboarding yet?

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Wakeboarding is an extremely popular activity at Lexis Sunshine Coast. The cable ski park is a short bus ride from our campus and gives students a chance to show off their stylish moves in the water! Next trip is planned for this Friday~ put your name on the sign on sheet on the noticeboard if you want to come along…….

Lexis Sunshine Coast vs Lexis Noosa

Lexis Noosa and Lexis Sunshine Coast came head to head in a game of futsal at Noosa Leisure Centre yesterday afternoon.

It was shirts off and game on for our Lexis Noosa team as the whistle blew for the first half of the game. Lexis Sunshine Coast kicked the first goal after 5 minutes and cheers were roaring from the massive Sunshine Coast supporters who travelled an hour in a bus to watch their team. It was not long after that Noosa started to show their superb futsul skills and kicked goal after goal. Half time saw Noosa on 7 and Sunshine Coast on 2. There was still hope for Sunshine Coast to catch up as the Saudi boys finally turned up to play! 

The last half included some in/unintentional trips, slams, bumps, hot heads and amazing saves by both goal keepers. Sunshine Coast won with the show of supporters but Noosa won the game! The final score was Noosa 10 and Sunshine Coast 3. The afterparty took place overlooking the gorgeous Noosa River at Noosa Yacht Club with some jugs of beer provided courtesy of Lexis English. Congratulations to our Lexis Noosa Futsul Team… we are so proud of you!