Studying is fun at Lexis

Teacher Louanne thinks some lessons are more interesting when text books are closed and everyone gets a chance to work together to revise the language.

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 We couldn’t agree more and her class thinks it’s a wonderful idea……


On Friday afternoon the rain held off long enough for the Kindai students to enjoy a game of boys vs. girls soccer at Cotton Tree. the weather stayed sunny and the students quickly wore themselves out, the end result being the girls winning! We then went for a quick dip at Cotton Tree beach before heading back to school for some a well deserved rest!


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Seventeen students from Switzerland, Italy, France, Korea and Brazil partook in a surf lesson on another scorching hot day in Maroochydore. The three instructors worked with the students on both the sand and in the water, helping them with both technique and style. The lesson was filled with laughter and many interesting surf techniques. Congratulations to all participants for their effort and enthusiasm!

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Naomi’s Unique Method of applying the ‘English Only’ Policy

Naomi likes to make sure that everyone remembers to use English while they are at school. Be careful if you don’t!! Her class has decided that a taste of Vegemite will be given to anyone who doesn’t speak English in the classroom. Today it was Sandra, Mohanad & Sultan who had to taste Vegemite. I wonder if they liked it?………. Who will be next?
Find out more about Vegemite, the famous Australian spread.

Movie Afternoon

Monday was yet another cloudy day outside, but inside was another story altogether! Fifteen students gathered in the cosy social space to watch the movie classic ‘Pearl Harbour’ with the comfort of lollies, chocolate and great company of course! This hit flick is based on a true story and features Josh Hartnett, Ben Affleck and the beautiful Kate Beckinsale. Drama, romance and amazing movie footage drew us all in until the finale. I look forward to our next rainy day together for yet another ‘smash hit’!

Study all morning ~ Surf all afternoon….

It’s all serious study in the morning but when the sun is out and the surf is up Lexis English students like to get outside and enjoy the beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches. Our surfing lesson activity is always extremely popular and it’s not hard to see why!

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Tips For Improving Your Vocabulary

One of the biggest challenges to learning a new language is remembering all those new words each week.

One way to build  vocabulary quickly is to use flash cards. Pick up a new word and write it down on a small card with its meaning. Keep the card with you for a day and look at it whenever you get time. Prop them up in your room over the week so that you notice them all the time. Try and use the new words when you are speaking to friends. The more you use these new words the quicker you will remember them!

Another hint is to keep a pencil and exercise book close at hand while reading. You can be reading a magazine, a comic, a novel or a newspaper or this blog!  When you come across a word that you are unfamiliar with, write it in your vocabulary exercise book. Later, when you have time, pick up a dictionary and look up the words you have written.

Don’t have an exercise book? Come and see me and I will give you one for free.  See you soon. Sharon.