Saudi National Holiday

Friday 23rd September is a National holiday in Saudi Arabia so today some of our Saudi students decided to come to school dressed in traditional clothes to share more of their culture with us here at Lexis English Maroochydore.

The whole school was treated to traditional music and dancing after classes and everyone was encouraged to join in and learn the dance steps.

Thank you to our wonderful Saudi Arabian students ~ we really enjoyed the dancing and music!

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New Students!

This week we welcomed four new students! Li Wen from Taiwan, Kevin from Switzerland, Chan from Korea and Magali from France.

The students sat their placement tests on the balcony and had a stunning view of the ocean. We hope you all enjoy your stay here!


Wednesday afternoon turned out to be perfect for a game of soccer on the beach, with a few people even going for a quick swim. Running around yelling and screaming without the ball and picking up the ball were popular tactics. As well as kicking it into the water a good distance from the goals! The girls did a great job of scoring a few goals and out-running the boys. All in all, it was a great afternoon of sunshine, good company and plenty of laughter. See you next time!

Welcome BBQ

Today we welcomed new CAE, FCE and General English students to Lexis English. The sun was shining  at Cotton Tree park and it was great to meet new students from all over the world.

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